Fabio Novembre’s Skull Chair Updated for Mexico’s Day of the Dead

To commemorate this year’s Day of the Dead, designer Fabio Novembre has updated his Jolly Roger armchair by covering it in a traditional sugar-skull pattern. Originally launched by Italian brand Gufram in 2013, Novembre’s skull chair appears minimal from the front, but its back is designed to resemble a human skull. The skull on the new edition – launched to coincide with Day of the Dead, or Dia de Los Muertos – is hand-painted to include bones and teeth, as well as traditional Mexican sugar-skull patterns such as lace and flowers. Inside, the skull chair features a map of the world, just like the original Jolly Roger. We’ve already featured this chair in our collection of creative skull chairs and we invite you to chek the rest of chairs!

Celebrate Día De Muertos With Angelus U10 Calavera

Dia de los Muertos – or simply ‘The Day of the Dead’ – is a two-day festival that takes place every year in the first days of November. Although most people think about Mexico upon hearing about this holiday, Dia de los Muertos is actually celebrated throughout all Latin America and every other place where Latino population lives, including Los Angeles, California and so on. This is a holiday to remember family and friends who have died, celebrate them, and help them on their spiritual journey. Angelus U10 Calavera also features the skull of the Day of the Dead on its face. Showing off a 62.7 BO-988 specific annealed stainless steel case, bead-blasted and treated with black PVD on the inside, the watch benefits from seven AR-coated sapphire crystals and will handle 30-meter deep waters. The high-quality annealed steel contains fewer impurities, which makes it resistant to corrosion and the preferred choice for polishing and a cool finish. The Swiss hand-wind Angelus in-house caliber A-100 with 38 jewels, 18,000 vph and a power reserve of 90 hours makes everything come to life. But it is the translucent-gray coated concave sapphire and black outer ring making up the dial are what gets everyone noticing the watch – that, and the deadly, colorful design. Nonetheless, a hand-stitched black alligator leather strap with a steel folding buckle is what finished everything off.

Gregory Besson Giant Skull Armchair

Created by French designer Gregory Besson, this superbly stylised Skull Armchair is built from reinforced fiberglass and rounded out with a plush and high quality leather seat. “Since my childhood, I always wanted to share my world, show what I think, what I want, what I do and what I am. At 19 I successfully passed a graphic degree, I quickly made design and creating my priority. Today at age 32 I’m not only a designer, I feel like a craftsman, an artist who does not need anyone to design and create projects. All my products are 100% made by me in my own workshop in Paris.” he explains.

Black Watch Skull Bad Boy – Black Liquid Tells The Time

Take a look at the breathtaking watch Baselworld 2016 HYT Skull Bad Boy which tells time using black liquid. The watch looks pretty cool. Though it is very difficult to read time on it, in the dark because of the black liquid that runs around the capillary to tell time. The black liquid produces no luminosity in the dark making it very difficult to read time. HYT Baselworld 2016 watch Bad Boy Skull is available in a limited edition of 50 numbers. In fact, the inspiration for HYT to develop this watch is this black liquid that took 12 months to develop. “It was a deliberate decision”, explains Vincent Perriard, CEO of HYT. “There were other solutions which would have made the piece visible at night. But if we wanted to play with the darkness inherent to the Skull Bad Boy, we had to go all the way. Night is part of the world of shadows and darkness. Perfectly in tune with the spirit of the skull”. The hero of 2016 HYT Black watch is the black liquid. Which is why the metal used to construct the skull was carefully selected to compliment the black liquid. HYT has used Damascus steel.Damascus steel is mixed with Carbon to bring the blackish flavour to the Skull. The skull is an ever-changing interplay of its two component materials. HYT Skull Bad Boy’s steel colour is an eye-catching grey, whilst the black colour of the carbon is revealed by a chemical abrasion process. 2016 HYT watch dial is massive at 51 mm diameter. All the functionalities of the original HYT Skull have been preserved. The power reserve indicator sits in the right eye socket, which gets darker as the piece reaches the end of its 65-hour power reserve. The left eye socket houses the seconds disc, permanently, imperceptibly, turning.

Skull Watch Celebrates Horology and Diá de los Muertos

While attending a master’s-degree program in Switzerland, Fiona Kruger, a young Scottish design student, was given her first real exposure to watchmaking – an experience that ultimately steered her budding career in a new direction. “I had never seen people working on such a minute scale or with such precision,” she recalls. “I realized a watch doesn’t have to be round; it can be anything you want to design.” Parlaying her new perspective into a school project sponsored by Audemars Piguet, Kruger designed a highly detailed skull-shaped watch informed by her own notions of time and mortality. She decorated the watch’s elaborate dial with motifs inspired by the Day of the Dead celebration in Mexico, where she had resided for a few years as a child. While the skull watch was far afield for Audemars Piguet, the design received an enthusiastic reception from the company’s then creative director, Octavio Garcia, whose praise convinced Kruger to build a full-scale prototype as a diploma project. The Celebration Skull watch ($26,170) features a hand-painted three-layer dial with details that glow in the dark.

HYT Skull Maori Watches

HYT has decided to impress us once again with a new version of one of their beautiful watches, called the HYT Skull Maori. The watch features traditional decorative techniques, which is actually a first for the brand, and if the skull looks familiar to you it’s because it’s the same one featured on previous models in the HYT Skull collection. This time the skull has been brought to life by intricate engraving in Maori style, but there are more impressive features to be talking about: sand from an exclusive beach in the composition of a bezel, a wind-up generator that allows the mechanical piece to benefit from electricity as well as an exquisite case made out of cigar leaves and Polyepoxide. The HYT Skull Maori features a design that’s obviously inspired by the ancient culture with an enormous golden skull dominating the face and featuring a special engraving that gives the watch a unique personality. The same Maori-inspired design is continued on the stap of this watch, beautifully complementing its dial. Priced at US $120,000, the HYT Skull Maori is a limited edition watch, with only 15 pieces to be produced. Don’t forget to check Top 25 Luxury Watch Brands for Men.

The Jacks: Unique Crying Candles

The Jacks is a new Kickstarter project from a team of graphic designers, artists and a sculptor that’s designed and built to improve on the existing candle experience. The Jacks changes things by giving you a ceramic base in white or black that you “fill” with a brain candle in one of five colors/scents. Set the brain on fire to get pure cotton, lavender, vanilla, cocopalm or cacao scents permeating through your space – while the brain melts and drips out of the eyes like the skull is crying. It’s a little morbid, but it’s also incredibly cool and perfect for Halloween. They also have Deer and Rabbit options if skulls aren’t your thing.

Scary and Creative Skull Chairs

We’ve already shown you some creative examples of skull chairs but upcoming Halloween forces us to show you more. In the following collection you will see variety of scary and at the same time creative and interesting skull chairs, skull armchairs and even skeleton rocking chair. Such furniture isn’t for every interior and not every our reader would want to buy something similar for his home. But this collection is surely worth your attention! Have fun!

Alain Bellino’s Bronze Sculptures

Alain Bellino was born in Nice in 1955. In the 80’s, he discovered the world of metal and ornamentation in his father’s workshop where he learn gold and silver plating and bronze restoration. After many years of practice and technical research dedicated to rehabilitating and re-composing objects, he engaged in an artistic way around 2010. The ornament that is torn from its original support then becomes the very structure of his sculptures. Bronze ornamentations assembled by extremely precise welding are the base material. Weighted with the nobility of the material joined to their own history, they support a fragmented memory and they bring to the sculptor a precious help as well as a constraint. Alain Bellino gets special inspiration from the Renaissance period. Vanitas are one of his favorite themes, typical of classical sceneries. In his work of re-directing and re-assembling, which is both iconoclast and highly rigorous from a formal point of view, at the crossroads between past and future, Alain Bellino sublimates and rehabilitates the ornamentation.

Skull Chair and Brain Ottoman

Talented artist Vladi Rapaport is the author of the following furniture pieces: the Skull Chair and Brain, both crafted in 2008. Made from reinforced polyester and having an option to have a veneer covered finish as well, the chair takes a more abstract and artistic approach to a skull shape. Brain is a soft, square shaped ottoman that looks strikingly similar to a brain. Covered in leather, there are multiple folds and a beautiful neutral finish that pairs up with the chair to create a complete set.

Gentleman’s Skull Valet by Sam Brown

Do you want to bring some old fashion into your contemporary life? Then you should definitely check “Skull Valet” by Sam Brown. It allows to undress and put your pocket goods into a specific spot which is the great way to keep track of items like keys, wallets and miscellaneous items. Crafted completely from walnut wood and topped with a small bronzed skull, this piece is the perfect heirloom and addition to any bachelor pad. The rest of the valet remains traditional, with a place to rest your items, hang your coat and place your shoes for good measure. Starting at £2,886.00 this valet is sure to burn a hole in your pocket – although we can guarantee you’ll know exactly where to find your wallet.

Black Angular Skull Armchair by Harold Sangouard

Being an evil genius requires great attention to your lair and appearance. Sure you could be sitting in a Skull mountain like Skeletor, but then you sit in a regular chair with a couple of skulls and shenanigans randomly thrown in, ruining the effect. You could get yourself a scary chair, but that usually kills the comfort. Not in this chair though, the Skull Armchair is meant to be a comfortable chair. Designed and created by Harold Sangouard, the chair is a resin structure built off a steel frame, and finished with a glossy black paint. There’s a golden version in the works as well. Built in a blend of furniture and art, the skull chair is quite an intriguing set. Padded seating of the chair is covered in velvet, and its structure is built for comfort. As far as design and execution goes, this is great. I’d be an evil genius if that meant sitting on the chair, but I woefully lack that talent. The chair is available for purchase, prices available on request at Harold Sangouard’s website.

Sugar Skull Spoons

Sugar Skull Spoons is a new project on Kickstarter. Stainless Steel spoons that gently remind you sugar is evil each time you make a tea or coffee. “Sugar Skull Spoon, born from the happy realisation that with a simple twist, the humble tea spoon could become the perfect home accessory for fans of the macabre (and fans of hot drinks!). The Sugar Skull tea spoon is the perfect gift for those who need reminding to take a little less sugar in their drinks, and even if you don’t, it’s still MUCH more interesting than a regular spoon…” Take a look!

Skull Sculptures by Frodo Mikkelsen

These are quite unusual art works but they are really worthy for your attention. Working exclusively with the primal image of the skull, Danish artist Frodo Mikkelsen creates miniature worlds that playfully remind viewers of their own mortality. The sculptures feature cottages, cabins and pristine green landscapes sitting on top of silver plated human skulls. Domestic yet unsettling, these intricate miniatures reminds us of our deep human desire for security and our fear of loss. Have fun!