New Porsche Design Shoes – Adidas Bounce S4 Lux Black

If you want to Bounce with Porsche Design’s Adidas sneaker collaboration, you’ll have to sacrifice kicking it with some of your favorite Benjamin Franklins. Every element of Porsche-inspired style and performance injected into the Bounce S4 Lux shoes will cost you about a hundred bucks. Jet black, lightweight, and jacked up with a suspension system, a pair of Adidas Bounce S4 Luxes are only “running shoes” in the sense the Porsche 911 is only a “car.” In addition to their standout aesthetics, Porsche Design Sport and Adidas have fitted the sneaks with a seamless 3D upper and decoupled heel housing a high-tech carbon plate. Where Porsche delivers a luxuriously smooth ride, Porsche Design Bounce S4 Lux delivers a “luxuriously smooth stride.” Porsche Design creates many intersting things, just take a look: Porsche Design Knives, Porsche Design Watches and Porsche Design Sleds.

French Artist Monsieur Plant Combines Sneakers With Nature

Today we want to show you something really interesting! French artist Christophe Guinet or more commonly known as Monsieur Plant, has created “Just Grow It”, a collection of sneakers that have been adorned with nature. Take a look!

Nike LeBron 11 Shoes

Recently Nike unveiled its latest basketball signature shoe: the LeBron 11. With its incredible design, it blends all of the brand’s latest innovations (Hyperposite, Hyperfuse, Dynamic Flywire, Lunarlon, Nike Zoom) and only weighs 14.5 oz. Its upper provides protection, containment and responsiveness, while its bottom was deconstructed to position his foot much lower to the ground to better feel the court. The Lebron 11 will be released globally on October 12h. Interesting fact – one of Nike shoes is included in the list of the most expensive shoes ever.

Reebok ATV 19+

Reebok continues to experiment in footwear design. Their forthcoming ATV 19+ kicks are meant to be an off-road vehicle compared to the highway-driving passenger vehicle of a regular pair of sneakers. ATV 19+ features 19 irregular lugs built to tear through mud, snow, grass, and sand. Rugged overlays, a padded tongue, and supportive collar for protection and comfort. Reebok’s ATV 19+ is ready to its upcoming release, set for a February 1st.

Sneaker Model No.1 by Society 27

Today we want to show you work by a group of creative minds called Society27. These are international team of designers “with strong roots and bright look for the future. This is our effort to create a new form of product-based multinational community.” Their first product is Sneaker/Shoe Model No.1, made of high-quality suede, leather lining and extremly creative wooden box. And, as each from their products, these sneakers will be created in a limited edition of 27.