Sleek Snowmobile Snoped

Marrying a snowmobile-style track with a cafe racer-like posture, the Snoped is perhaps the sleekest snow speeder around. Its monolithic black aluminum body with exposed screws, puffy black seat, and vertical headlight and taillight looks like something straight out of the first order, while the lightweight chassis, 90cc motor, and Chrysler Sno-runner track ensures it’s more than a mere prop. Sadly no word on whether designer Joey Ruiter or builder Jeff Long plan to make more.

RDSV – High Speed Snow Vehicle Concept

Some time ago we’ve already shown you very interesting concept of snowmobile concept. And here is another one – RDSV – Rapid Deployment Snow Vehicle. This concept was created by industrial designer from Buenos Aires, Argentina – Juan Garcia Mansilla. As designer says “The RDSV is a 2 seater high speed vehicle for use in any polar environment. It would aptly serve polar exploration, rescue missions, medical emergencies or even sport applications, basically anything that requires high speeds through a polar environment. The whole idea started with the traction system, something that could allow high speeds across Antarctica but could also climb up a mountain for an avalanche rescue operation. Then the whole vehicle was built around it. RDSV features an adaptive traction system that allows for an effective displacement over both ice/hard snow or deep snow. Each wheel is made up by twelve individual units, each with two different paddles: a small one (for hard surfaces) and a big one (for deep snow). Depending on the terrain, each unit rotates accordingly to expose the desired paddle.” Also dont’ forget to check the video.

Snow Crawler Snowmobile Concept

The market of snow mobiles offers numerous different models. Professional, amateur, big, small. But Snow Crawler designed by Michal Bonikowski is something really exceptional. “The presented version is meant for a single person – but let’s be honest here for a second – would you really care about other passengers while having this beast in your garage? Beauty and pleasure of driving over the functionality and common sense – those are the characteristic features of a super car and of our vehicle. Sporting an efficient electric drive it will easily take us up the slope (even the ones hardly accessible) or to work by a snowy road forgotten by civilization. So what more would you want? Well, itэs just crossed my mind – snow, more snow!” They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so don’t stop and jump into the post!