Modular Furniture System Lift-Bit

In fact, the Lift-Bit, is the “world’s first Internet-of-Things sofa.” First unveiled at this year’s Milan Design Week, the sofa was created by international design and innovation firm Carlo Ratti Associati with help from Vitra. The Lift-Bit is a modular furniture system that transform from sofa, to chair, to bed, to chaise lounge… to whatever else your creativity dreams up. It consists of a cluster of bright green, upholstered stools which are motorized using a linear actuator. This means that the cushions on the stool can be raised or lowered. Furthermore, it can be controlled through gestures, or of course, a mobile app. The Lift-Bit system is also good at keeping itself entertained. When “bored”, it will start shapeshifting into different configurations to keep users on their toes.

‘Slashed’ Sofa by Charlotte Kingsworth

British designer Charlotte Kingsworth has created Slashed, a sofa and ottoman that appear like they have been slashed with a knife. “A bold slash lengthways with a knife reveals the hidden layers inside. An eruption, like a wound, changes the form in a permanent way. A new structure has been carved, which functions as a seat and ottoman.”

Enhance Living Room Ambience With The Right Sofa

People are often willing to spend a small fortune on new sofas because this is such an important ingredient when it comes to creating the right ambiance in your living room. You can actually pick up some fantastic pieces at a reasonable price once you have a clear idea about the type of atmosphere you are trying to produce in this part of the home.

ONYX Sofa by Pierre Gimbergues for Peugeot Design Lab

Pierre Gimbergues has designed ONYX, a carved sofa made from carbon fiber and Volviv lava for Peugeot Design Lab. “The ONYX is a carved sofa sitting 3 meters long consisting of carbon and Volvic lava. This is the first in a series of unique furniture, custom. Cut by a straight cut, the stone of Volvic has spent thousands of years to filter water source before being hand cut and joined to the hi-tech carbon has a very structured and technical frame. Sofa onyx is the manifesto of a series of pieces of furniture, made to measure to fit the selection, origin and personality sponsors. They always respect a common principle: unity through heightened clean cut, hyper technological materials – carbon, fiberglass, aluminum, … – for raw materials and natural – rocks, wood, crystal stones.”

Kamkam Twists Yarn Skein into Soft Mashmallow Sofa

The “Marshmallow sofa” by Seoul-based design studio Kamkam was influenced by the twisted structure of yarn skein. The candy-shaped couch consists of neatly wrapped threads that not only inform its outline, but also help in providing its strength and durability. Blending into the base, the yarn serves as a curved backrest and helps to join the parts together. The furniture piece is finished with soft wool so that people can comfortably melt into the playfully squishy seat, or lean back on it.

Cozy Anana Furniture Pieces by Aqua Creations

Anana furniture pieces by Aqua Creations will be both beautiful and functional pieces of furniture for your home. The collection consist of sofas, benches, chairs created in one style. It is hand-made from fabric covered pods that form three-dimensional surfaces. The pieces are developed using soft and nice balls that form organic geometry and offer room to sink into and relax completely. The chairs, the sofas and the benches do not compromise comfort in favor of a contemporary design. On the contrary, they create a relaxing and welcoming atmosphere, still embracing the features of a modern interior décor. In addition, all designs bring a breath of fresh air into any home, creating a space that is cozy and warm. You can sit back and relax in style and comfort while enjoying these items that brighten and bring life to any living decor.

Elegant Lyubkka by Nuvist

Lyubkka seating from Nuvist represents a dialog between the traditional usage and the fluid contemporary language with simple continuous lines and touches. Ergonomic and endless loop lines are blended in a continuous organic three dimensional surface. Thin lines and solid volumes blend in a sophisticated form, interesting to observe from more than one perspective. The seating unit was especially envisioned for indoor spaces with a distinct personality (its light reflecting feature can do wonders in a minimalist apartment). The project is available in a variety of colors, making it easily adaptable to various contemporary schemes.

The Bloc’d Sofa – Tetris Inspired Furniture

The Bloc’d Sofa is a modular seating solution, designed to fit and work well through the many stages and settings of life. It is simple and straightforward, and encourages interaction, which is key to longevity. The design is flexible and playful, intuitive and elegant. It gracefully offers surprise elements, making it fun to interact with. Dressed up or down, it offers multiple seating arrangements for different settings and spaces. Steel, soft maple, upholstered foam. The couch was created by Scott Jones Design.

Custom Long Wool Sofa from Natural Materials

The SENTIENT Furniture Long Wool sofa is so much more than a sofa its a superb 360° design. An original design using long wool Icelandic sheepskin together with reclaimed American oak boards. The sheepskin is chaotic, wild, extremely soft to the touch, will keep you warm all through the winter season. This item is designed by SENTIENT chief design officer, Nersi Nasseri. Each sofa is made to order (they even ship internationally) so if you want to own this sofa visit SENTIENT.

Limited Edition Alix Sofa by Tilt

Internationally renowned French graffiti artist Tilt has collaborated with Amaze workshops to create an incredible and somewhat unexpected new piece of work. Alix , his personal reimagination of a sofa , is an iconic and boundary pushing piece of bold design. Tilt has created a covetable item that combines statement style and quality, whilst pushing boundaries to provide an evolutionary contribution to design led functional furniture. The bold monochrome palette enhances the equally striking contrast of the padded leather with a clean wooden framework. From behind, the sofa looks like another brilliant piece of Tilt’s signature traditional graffiti artwork , but once seen from the other side, it transforms into a luxury piece of furniture, with an inviting erotic edge. Created in France, master craftsmen worked tirelessly over 752 hours to make Tilt ‘s incredible creativity and imagination a reality; suffice it to say, the whole project was undeniably worth every second.

Poppins Bench by Alessandra Baldereschi

Alessandra Baldereschi has designed a bench named Poppins. “In the Poppins collection the upholstery is used to create a visual impression: the illusion of many pillows laying on a bench. The inspiration comes from the Optical Art’s method which, through the use of color and geometric shapes, creates, starting from a plane a three-dimensional optical illusions. The padding protrudes from the surface of wood, is took down and positioned only where is necessary. Through its three-dimensionality and a slight deformation of shapes, you get a dynamic effect, a vibration enhanced by color. The cushions become a part of the structure, increasing the comfort of the seat and representing the aesthetic value of the project. This value comes from ancient times, when the cushions was made with precious materials as a symbol of royalty.” Take a look!

A Modular Sofa “Concentré de Vie”

The modular sofa “Concentré de Vie” is a result of collaboration Matali Crasset with Campeggi. The seating object is composed of a box component and five soft elements: two square cushions, two L-shaped cushions and a rectangular pad; all of which can be arranged in a number of configurations to function as an armrest, footstool or pouf, the main structural frame acting as a binding agent that can be used as a single bed.

Kitschy QWERTY Keyboard Sofa

ZO_loft, a design and architecture firm located in Italy, is already well known for their award-winning designs. And the following project is great confirmation of this fact. This kitschy Qwerty keyboard sofa will be perfect at a tech conference, or in an IT company’s waiting area. “Arms folded and cheek pressed on the keys. Sooner or later, at home or at work, we all end up by falling asleep on our computer’s keyboard. Turning the archetypal image of a keyboard, into a sofa bed, QWERTY is proposed to hold you on its soft “keys” on evenings while working in the office or at home on a rainy afternoons spentwatching the home video, bringing a pinch of irony in our daily life. Anyway QWERTY is much more than a sofa bed. Thanks to micro electric motors controlled by a remote control, every single key/cushion is adjustable in height to give total freedom to the full available surface. In this way, the furniture becomes a playful carpet, a comfortable support but an unconventional surface, to let the users to be able to design new configurations useful for everyday life, and to be happy to finally sleep on their keyboard.” Take a look!

Cloudy Furniture Collection CIRRUS

Today we want to show you beautiful furniture collection CIRRUS by Dizajno. "Soft clouds floating over the country and their gentle shapes became the main inspiration for the upholstered furniture CIRRUS. Virtually spontaneous composition of elements creates a perfect sofa for various seating and lounge positions. Curved shapes and sophisticated ergonomics define this unconventional contemporary piece and add to its functionality and comfort. Traditional upholstery composition with rigid OSB frame, use of sinuous spring system in the seat and backrest, and use of high quality flexible PUR foam offer a product lasting lifetime."

Confucius Sofa by Alexander Nettesheim

Today we want to show you beautiful photos by Chip Phillips. Chip Phillips is a photographer based out of Spokane, Washington. He began his journey with photography in 2006 when his father gave him his Pentax Spotmatic film SLR camera. Soon after that, Chip made the transition to digital. Given his love of the outdoors, his natural choice of expertise became landscape photography. Chip’s photos have been published in various magazines, including Popular Photography and Imaging, Digital Photography, and Digital Photo Magazine. Chip is also a member of photocascadia, a group consisting of some of the top landscape photographers in the Pacific Northwest. In the following posts we’ve gathered only seascapes and they’re really stunning! Take a look! And don’t forget about 25 Most Beautiful Places in the World.

The Dog House Sofa by min n mun

If you have a dog then this sofa will be very interesting to you. Korean designer min n mun created this “Dog House Sofa” which is a brand-new product in the 1st collection of the emotional pet furniture brand “m.pup.” “As numbers of nuclear families are increasing, pets coexisting with people are establishing themselves as companions of people. Currently in South Korea, people are raising over ten million pets. Now, the residential space is not only for humans, but also for pets. Between humans’ and pets’ residential space, “furniture” took the largest and the most important position. This “Dog House Sofa” is a tool to communicate and share feeling between human and pet. As a pet’s sight, this furniture is good enough for whetting the curiosity of pets. This sofa is composed of the solid wood(ash wood) and a fabric. And combining the sofa and dog house deliver the new space of communication between human and pet.” Have fun!

“Kisses Sofa” by Dima Loginoff

Add to your interior some flirt with playful Kisses Sofa by Dima Loginoff. The red sofa designed by communication designer Dima Loginoff and created by Italian brand ARTEX will surely become one of the most interesting furniture item in your home. Also this creative design won Design and Design International Award in Paris, France in 2012. Take a look!

Asian-Inspired Furniture Collection “Fiore”

The following Asian-inspired furniture collection from B-alance is called Fiore and consists of modular set of sofas, coffee tables and footstools. The elegantly curved pieces call to mind the balance of yin and yang. Their curves allow to perfectly snuggle up to one another, creating all kinds of creative configurations. And dark rattan frames and plush white cushions would bring style and sophistication to any patio or deck. Take a look!

“Morning Dew” Collection by Bruehl

Today we want to show you romantic furniture items for your living room. Morning Dew sofa and chair by Bruehl resemble an awakening flower, petals stretching for early morning sun rays. “Filigree, as if transformed into a calyx, chair morning dew strives towards the light. It defines the golden age of romance between green living and floral elegance. The overlapping leaves of the backrest are an invitation to lean back and relax, the chaise lounge also accommodates raised legs. When sitting in twos, the single free-standing petal becomes an additional backrest.” Take a look!

Creative “Cay Sofa” by Alexander Rehn

This creative sofa called “Cay Sofa” and created by swiss designer Alexander Rehn is a perfect place to rest after exhausting day. This sofa will react to your various needs whatever it is relax in front of the fireplace or just enjoy a good book or music. Through your movement and interaction with the furniture object, it alters its shape and sitting angles to accommodate your body accordingly. Take a look!