3D Garage Doors Stickers

Have a garage? Then at least one time you thought about how to decorate it in special way to create incredible optical illusions that would make any nosy neighbor envious of your lifestyle. Draw something? It needs special skills. The easiest way is to use special 3D stickers. The result can blow your mind. The stickers can depict items that would have no chance of fitting in a garage, including aeroplanes and even an alien spaceship. In the following collection we’ve gathered some really interesting and creative examples of using such 3D garage doors stickers. Thanks to these lifelike designs the owner can boast of owning a racing car, plane or luxury yacht. Take a look!

Creative “Pimp Your Door” Stickers Collection

Tel-Aviv based design studio Studio Excite created cool “Pimp Your Door” collection – a set of creative spy-eye stickers that bring smile anyone facing it. The stickers are high quality, easy removable and can be wear inside or outside of the door. Collection contains dog, cat, camera, vinyl player, owl and big eye. If you like it you can buy it here.

Cute Stickers by Gecko Stickers

Stickers become more and more popular in interior design. We’ve already shown you some variants – Kids Room Decoration from e-glue and Eco Friendly Stickers by Hu2 Design. In addition to their cute look today’s stickers glow in the dark. So if you want to bring fun to your home pay attention to these cute stickers from Gecko Stickers! Have fun!

Creative Suitcase Stickers

Want to get some fun while travelling? These creative suitcase stickers were created especially for you! "Take a stand against monotonous travel with Suitcase Stickers. Designed to stick to anything, they will draw attention to your bag making it easily identifiable and sure to make you some new friends." And don’t be afraid to cause offence to airport and immigration staff! They will enjoy your stickers!

Kids Room Decoration from e-glue

We want to show you interesting solution for designing an interior of room for your kids. Studio e-glue from France offers innovative idea – giant stickers for room decoration. With the help of these stickers you can transform a standart iterior into savanna, jungle, train station or even into moon base in an appropriate style. You can buy whole set of stickers, individual sticker or order specific one. All stickers are created from high-quality material made in France and they guarantee a healthy and safe environment to kids.