“Squishy” Chairs by Annie Evelyn

Annie Evelyn is a furniture designer who has been developing her unusual furniture upholstery techniques since she was a student. This collection of chairs, named “Squishy”, has been designed for Brooklyn-based company New Colony Furniture. Other Evelyn’s works in her portfolio display a sense of humor about seating, with an “impolite chair” boasting a built-in whoopee cushion, and a piece entitled “Sit on My Finger” that’s a tiny chair you wear as a ring. Evelyn reclaims wooden chair frames, lines the seats and backs with foam, and painstakingly covers these surfaces with small pieces of hard materials that give way when pressure is applied. With this technique, she’s able to make cracked cement, tiles and faceted pieces of wood into exceptionally comfortable seating surfaces. Instead of poking you, those sticks will cradle the curves of your body.

“Monkey Tail” stool by Monocomplex

“Monkey Tail” stool by South Korean designers Monocomplex is intended to make the user look like they have a tail. Constructed from steel, wood and leather the piece comes in both adult and children sizes. A versatile and indispensable tool for many animals – this body part helps to express feelings, attract a mate and maintain good balance. “Monkey Tail” stool is a fun alternative for humans who wish to resemble similar features. Take a look!

Intertwined Stools by Kan & Lau Design

Take a look at interesting design project called “Intertwined”. Created by Chinese design studio Kan & Lau Design this project features, in fact, intertwined stools. These are two stools, one of which coyly “hugs” the second by the leg. Here are two color variation of this project: black&white and black&wood. Have fun!

Knitted Stools Collection from Claire-Anne O’Brien

Today we want to show you interesting stools collection created by designer from London Claire-Anne O’Brien. This collection features a variety of knitted seat cushions. Such furniture is indisputable creative and unusual but it will look organically in your home only if you have very original interior design.