The 18.36.54 House by Studio Daniel Libeskind

The 18.36.54 House by Studio Daniel Libeskind is an angular wonder of a modern house. The clients wanted a house that would have these experiential qualities, as well as provide a place where they could relax, read, cook, and take in the landscape. Libeskind, who is not known for creating cozy cabins in the woods, wondered if the latter meant gemütlich. One of the owners recalls challenging him: “Whatever you design, we’ll ask you to make it more extreme.” Libeskind said yes, and did not even ask for a contract. The underneath surface of the stainless steel roof is clad in oak — dark, warm, comforting oak. Once inside, a ramp gradually draws you down to the living area and the fireplace around which a built-in sofa zigzags. Libeskind designed all built-in furniture, which includes a dining table, banquettes, and numerous fittings, although the clients salted in a few items, such as George III side chairs and traditional lamps, for a bit of contrast. Take a look!