Ornate Tableware Sculpted in Gold and Silver Filigree by Wiebke Maurer

Artist Wiebke Maurer is drawn to objects found in traditional place settings like spoons, bowls, saucers, and tea cups, but her interpretation of these pieces leaves function behind, resulting in delicate sculptures that fuse the past and present. Working primarily with gold and silver the pieces seem almost impossibly delicate, reduced to the most decorative aspects found in silverware design. “I’m fascinated by historical European works of silver, gold and porcelain,” says Maurer. “I explore traditional ways to design objects, not to stick to tradition but because I use tradition as my starting point for my creative strategies. I’m not concerned about the restoration of the broken object: I want to deconstruct it, to reach the heart of its integrity and reinvent it, both formally and functionally.”

Circus-Themed Collection of Tableware for Alessi

London Design Festival 2016: circus tents, clowns, elephants and strongmen are transformed into kitchenware and tableware in Marcel Wanders‘ latest collection for Italian design brand Alessi, which will launch in the UK during the London Design Festival. Dutch designer Marcel Wanders’ Circus collection for Alessi encompasses five limited-edition figures based on common circus characters that each perform a different function, as well as 29 new tableware and kitchen products. The five figures are limited to 999 pieces and are described by Alessi as “table sculptures”. Made from steel plate, each one is named after a fictional circus member invented by Wanders, who is known for his flamboyant aesthetic. The pieces are made using a combination of lost-wax casting, machine processing and laser cutting and is decorated by hand, including gilded details like The Strongman’s eyebrows and nose.

Creative Tableware by Qiyun Deng

This set of disposable tableware referencing the textured skins of fruits and vegetables was created by Chinese designer Qiyun Deng. Made from a bioplastic derived from renewable resources, the series of utensils is completely biodegradable, solving the environmental problem typically prevalent in disposable products. The project blends the texture and color of culinary items into the cutlery, visualizing their source materials: the leaf of an artichoke becomes the bowl of a soup spoon, a stalk of celery transforms into the handle of a fork, a pineapple stem is the blade of a knife, and a whole carrot acts as the grip of a small spoon.

Amazing Spoons by Glover and Smith

British artists Ed and Judy Glover under the brand Glover and Smith invent and create unique products from pewter and silver. And among all these decorations and souvenirs there is a series of amazing cutlery. Decorative spoons from Glover and Smith are famous not only exquisite design, but also the fact that they can be great souvenirs, and, actually, cutlery. Pewter and silver spoons are decorated with small figures of dragonflies and butterflies, acorns and flowers, small animals and other cute and funny characters that make people smile and create a good mood. Take a look!

Unique Cutlery Set by Isaie Bloch

Aside of the functional aspect of tableware, silverware has always been and will perpetually be an ornamental figure. “Cutlery is unique in its ability to sustain time and carries a remarkable family heritage. Sets of knifes, spoons, forks have been passed on from generation to generation all over the globe, traveling the whole world as a piece of personal history. Key elements in the kitchen set by Belgian designer Isa├»e Bloch explores the notion of decay/processing, ornamental and aesthetic excess as in former rococo and baroque times, moments of collapse/disequilibrium and a balance in between etiquette dining and torture tools. by subverting the logic of perfection and beauty, non-perfect images coming from controlled methodologies are generated.”