Original Tattoo Tights for Impressive Outfit

Some time ago we’ve shown you Creative Fashion Tights from Les Queues de Sardines and today we want to show you another one collection of creative tights. Tattoo Tights series was created by Tel-Aviv based Etsy shop Tattoo Socks. They offer dozens of different original designs in both opaque colors and sheer flesh tones for a particularly realistic tattooed look. Lolita calf corsets. The coiled thigh snake. The exotic birds aren’t bad. Even the ominous kraken and full-length fish bone are hot. Tattoo Tights are made of microfiber, and come in full-length footed, thigh-high, and footless legging styles. We would highly recommend a pair if you’re looking for a gift for your girlfriend.

Red Dot As A Sign Of Hope In Mentat Gamze’s Tattoos

Tattoo artist Mentat Gamze creates beautiful tattoos with an accent color that is daring along with a simple, minimalist approach. In each of her pieces, there’s a great line drawing completed in black ink that’s inspired by the natural world. And also within every eye-catching tattoo, there’s a red dot that accompanies it. No matter who Gamze inks, the mark that is crimson is a consistent motif all through her portfolio. Its presence is now a common bond that her customers reveal, as they’re part of an exclusive club. What is the red dot? It’s a special meaning for Gamze, and it represents following your bliss. After starting her working life as a designer, she recognized her existence was not going in the direction she wanted.” Gamze held a variety of positions afterward, but she was miserable in each one. “I got fed up in conclusion and decided to quit my career," she confesses. Gamze taught herself how to tattoo and discovered that it’s what she’s designed to be performing. “I needed to reflect this on my function and that I honored this change together with the red-dot,” she explained. The thought of a red-dot tattoo caught on, and now Gamze’s clients give their meanings to the mark. Artist Mentat Gamze creates modern tattoo layout by incorporating a red-dot in all her work. Hope is symbolized by the striking shape and celebrates change.

Minimalistic One Line Tattoos By Mo Gangi

Berlin-based tattoo artist Mo Ganji creates tattoos that utilize a single delicate black line. The images are all figural, yet range from elephants and koi fish to more gestural images of half-drawn faces. Each tattoo relies on an unbroken line that varies only slightly in thickness as it weaves in and out of each image, sometimes accompanied by a few accent dots. Each work is breathtaking in its simplicity, stark images that relate to the artist’s own views of mastering a simple and honest life. Take a look at some of his tattoos!

Round Tattoos by Eva Krdbk Tell Fantastic Stories

Turkish tattooist Eva Krdbk tiny, intricately-detailed vignettes with fantastic stories inside. The inked pieces are only a few inches in diameter, but they speak volumes through their varied – and often fantastical – subject matter. Each tattoo is contained within a circle, giving us a moment’s glimpse into someone’s world. They’re handled with a delicate approach that recalls vintage children’s storybooks, and many of her inkings feature the kind of tales you’d see in these texts – characters who take a journey through uncharted lands. Volcanoes erupt, staircases lead into the sky, and doors open into secret gardens. Like the pages of a good picture book, Krdbrk’s tattoos infuse a sense of dreamlike wonder into our everyday lives.

Double Exposure Tattoos by Polish Artist Andrey Lukovnikov

The Wroclaw-based tattoo artist Andrey Lukovnikov has been producing a series of tattoos reminiscent of multiple exposure photography where several images are superimposed to create a single image – or perhaps the digital equivalent, clipping masks as used in Photoshop or Illustrator. Lukovnikov’s bold works seem rooted within the beauty of the natural world, as his silhouettes of beetles, bugs, and birds are adorned with floral patterns, linking the counterparts under a common concept. Lush and colorful flower scenes are enclosed and given form by crisp outlines as the layers add a literal and metaphorical depth to his tattoo work.

Surreal Tattoos by Ilya Brezinski

Based in St Petersburg, Russia, the Belarussian tattoo artist and illustrator Ilya Brezinski specializes in dotwork and blackwork body art. His designs often have a surreal, almost Dali-esque quality to them, and the use of dotwork creates an almost 3D shading effect that isn’t possible with other tattoo techniques. His tattoos are predominantly monochrome, and the simple use of color makes his artwork even more striking. Brezinski has amassed almost 50k followers on Instagram, and it’s easy to see why when you look at the pictures below.

Stunning Tattoos by Brazilian artist Frank Carrilho

Tattooist Frank Carrilho creates stunning tattoos that fuse delicate, wispy details with dramatic, bold outlines. Featuring swirling geometric shapes, notable characters, and animal hybrids, Carrilho forms memorable, stand-alone art with his tattoo gun. With a sense of controlled chaos, Carrilho’s art effortlessly balances elements of the abstract with the actual, without the need for any infusion of color. The Brazilian artist is currently based at the Queen Of Hearts Tattoos – Lx Factory in Lisbon, Portugal where he produces his stunning sketches. Simultaneously intense and graceful, chaotic and controlled, Carrilho is a tattoo artist with an inspiring vision to keep an eye on.

Mindblowing ‘Geometric Beasts’ Illustrations by Kerby Rosanes

The Manila-based illustrator Kerby Rosanes (aka Sketchy Stories) created collection called “Geometric Beasts” – wild animals emerge from crystalized, geometric confinement, offering a playful combination between the real and the surreal. “The 24-year old artist considers his art as a personal hobby which turned out to be his part-time freelance work after being recognized by various design blogs, international magazines and online art communities. Most of his works are characterized by whimsical lines, patterns, characters and little elements that are spontaneously combined to create massive compositions depicting his everyday inspirations or scenes from his quirky imagination. He recently left his job as a graphic designer in a local company to finally pursue his passion: creating more art for personal projects and for various clients and collaborating with other artists and design agencies around the world.”

Animal Tattoos Made with Bold Contour Lines by Nouvelle Rita

Portuguese tattoo artist Nouvelle Rita flawlessly transforms animals into an array of geometric shapes and clean lines. Typically devoid of shading or color, the artist’s designs are created from a minimalistic viewpoint and, despite their simplicity, Rita’s tattoos are anything but average. It’s almost as if she’s able to see the world through a Cubist lens when coming up with a brand new sketch. While the body art enthusiast does focus on linework, these contours don’t fight against the body’s natural curves. Instead, Rita is able to find a balance between boldly straight lines and elegant curvature. In establishing harmony amidst nature, geometry, and the human body, the tattoo artist demonstrates that her particular craft is expertly unique.

Geometric Tattoos by Jessica Svartvit

Tattoo artist Jessica Kinzer has a gift for producing powerful tattoos. Though only tattooing since 2014, this young artist shows genuine talent within designs that are both captivating and elegant. The complexity within each tattoo reveals Kinzer’s meticulous eye for detail as she utilizes a variety of themes—though many of her pieces are reminiscent of mandala designs, with flourishes and details that diverge from a central point. These highly symbolic themes coupled with Kinzer’s noteworthy skills produce works that are eye-catching in their intricacy. Also if you like unordinary tattoos we recommend you to check Beautifully Surreal Tattoos by Okan Uçkun.

Beautifully Surreal Tattoos by Okan Uçkun

Istanbul-based artist Okan Uçkun composes stunning tattoos using minimal amounts of lines and ink. The subtle, monochromatic body art combines bold geometric shapes with naturalistic subjects such as insects, trees, and animals, which use a stipple technique to give them a three-dimensional look. Together, the flat and realistic styles create surreal tattoos whose imagery leaves them open for artistic interpretation. Uçkun’s unique tattoos are the result of his meticulous process. He’s inspired by many things besides body art – like posters, notes, locations, logos, and graphics – so he asks his clients to provide him a variety of these images to use as working reference. Uçkun also tailors his designs to the specific person and requests their body measurements. From these, he prepares three designs, and the client chooses the one they want as a tattoo.

Corporate Identity for Malta’s Dagger & Co. Tattoo Shop

When you think of a tattoo shop, a certain aesthetic springs to mind, and it’s certainly much less glamorous than this. The two owners of the Dagger & Co. Tattoo Shop in Malta asked designer Chad Michael to make their shop stand out from the crowd, and the result is this luxurious but still very tattoo-y corporate identity. With classy appointment reminders, gold foil business cards, and even wax seals on envelopes, and a logo which combines modern design with traditional tattoo styles, the shop definitely exudes cool. Dagger & Co. also launched Malta’s first international tattoo convention, which the designer also created posters for.

I Tradizionali – Collection of Tattoo Recipes

“I Tradizionali” by Italian designers Marina Cinciripini and Sarah Richiuso is a collection of tattoo recipes that can be applied to one’s forearm while cooking. Not only does the project reference the gesture of rolling up one’s sleeves before working in the kitchen, but it also helps the cook to remember the order in which the recipe is to be prepared. The set is divided into differently themed packages, and each of them include four recipes with a list ingredients and the amount needed for the meal. The packaging is made of crush ecologic papers and is produced by Favini, and the color used helps to distinguish between the basic and special editions, which include designs for traditional events such as Christmas or Easter, or for people on strict diets.