Creative Tea Set by José Paulo Alves Corceiro

Tired from ordinary tea sets and can not find something really interesting? Take a look at this creative tea set called “Nasty Set” created by designer José Paulo Alves Corceiro. "The sets of china do not have to be boring. This is an image that recalls the iconography of comics and animated films, making a pot of tea and two cups into disconcerting characters. The entertaining aspect of the objects wants to attract younger and older people, questioning them about their relationship with classic references as a set for tea." Would you like to take a tea from such tea set?

Elegant Ceramic Tea Service
from Undergrowth Design

This elegant tea service by Tina Tsang of London design brand Undergrowth Design is called Blaue Blume. It features a pair of legs that stick out of the ceramic objects, forming handles and spoons and consists of teapot, milk jug and tea cup all with legs for a handle, a cake stand, plates and a sugar bowl in the shape of a bathtub. Some of the items have an inscription on them, inviting you to use the object.