Alternative Trapéze Kettle

The Trapèze Kettle by designer Fraser Leid aims to be a simpler interpretation of the modern electric kettle, relating closely to traditional stovetop kettles by incorporating higher quality materials as well as straightforward functionality and aesthetics. The open trapezoidal shape is the kettles most unique feature. The handle is directly inline with one of the kettles leading edges which acts as its pouring lip. The open top indicates where the kettle should be filled and importantly, visually promotes the disposal of stale water and cleaning the interior more often. The body is a single sheet of folded Aluminium, with a reinforced underside. The interior is coated with Stainless Steel The handle comprises of hollow, matte Polypropylene which follows the direction of the kettles body. The base, which houses the electromagnet componentry, comprises of injection moulded Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS). The boiling aspect of the kettle is performed by induction, which is more electrically efficient than both standard hob kettle boiling and electric elements. Though a new development, induction heating is a system that will have a great impact in the near future.

10 Most Creative Products for Your Kitchen

If you’re in the mood to add a twist to your day to day cooking routine, feel like impressing your dinner guests, or even just need to find the perfect gift for the design-enthusiastic person, this is just for you. SOHO Design Shop is an online store where unique and innovative items are affordable and attainable. Cute kitchen gadgets that will make your time in the kitchen much more enjoyable! Here are our top ten most creative ones for your kitchen:

Marvelous 3D Printed Sugar Cubes

3D printing has become almost ordinary thing in contemporary world. And now you can even drink cup of coffee or tea with 3D printed sugar. Don’t believe? Then check this collection of complex 3D printed sugar creation from The Sugar Lab at 3DSystems. The Sugar Lab creates designs for extreme geometric complexity and then uses their customized 3D printers to print them into reality in sugar. The sweet designs are still 100% safe to use as sugar for your coffee or tea. Just imagine how would look like your cup with these stunning sugar cubes. It will be very aesthetic spectacle! But at the same time it will be very hard to drop these artistic creations into hot drink and watch it melt into nothingness.

Hälssen & Lyon Tea Calender – Taste of a New Day

German tea company Hälssen & Lyon together with creative agency Kolle Rebbe have created and released a limited edition special tea calendar. Each list in this calendar turns into a cup of flavored drink. Technology of production of “edible” calendar is fairly simple, but done manually. High quality tea leaves are crushed and processed into a paste, then pressed into a fairly thin sheets. From these sheets they cut pages of the calendar and then stamp date and month by food coloring. To make a tea you just need fill the cup with calendar sheet with boiling water. All the fragments are sorted by calendar days in advance of the week – their names printed on the packaging of the tea set. Producers promise that all 365 pages of the calendar will be made from different varieties of tea , which means that each new day will be marked with a new tea flavor. To date, unusual calendar can taste only business partners of Hälssen & Lyon – mass production of The Tea Calender wasn’t discussed yet.

Creative Tea Set by José Paulo Alves Corceiro

Tired from ordinary tea sets and can not find something really interesting? Take a look at this creative tea set called “Nasty Set” created by designer José Paulo Alves Corceiro. "The sets of china do not have to be boring. This is an image that recalls the iconography of comics and animated films, making a pot of tea and two cups into disconcerting characters. The entertaining aspect of the objects wants to attract younger and older people, questioning them about their relationship with classic references as a set for tea." Would you like to take a tea from such tea set?

Tea Steeper “Tea-time” by Pengtao Yu

You will love the following tea set called “Tea-time”. Designer Pengtao Yu created simple but yet convinient set combining of tea leaves, water and steeping time! You put tea leaf and hot water into first part of “Tea-time”, twist the timer to set the steeping time and the ready tea slowly trickles down to the bottom beaker. The timer/filter hold back the leaves and your cuppa is ready to sip! Simple? Yes. Convinient? Absolutely!

Smilecup of Coffee

Want to cheer yourself up in the morning. Then start your day with coffee served in this cheerful cup. Set is fully consistent with its name – Smilecap. Colors in this set will only paint your joy. This joyful set was created Ukrainian studio Psyho and is now available for sale. Also don’t forget to check our ultimate collcetion of creative mugs.

25 Creative and Original Mugs

In this ultimate collection we’ve gathered 25 most unique, most stylish and most beautiful mugs from all over the web. They differs from standart by their shapes, materials they’re made from, and even their color. This collection will come in handy if you’re looking for the present for your friend – all cups/mugs can be bought in online-stores. Also we recommend not to watch the last set to impressionable people because of its provocative character.