Oslo-based Studio Designed The Most Scenic Modern Toilet Facility

The latest architectural addition to Norway’s scenic tourist routes is a rest area featuring a modern toiletfacility that sweeps upwards from a poured-concrete viewing terrace. Oslo-based studio Haugen/Zohar Arkitekter (HZA) designed the Ureddplassen rest area for a site along the Helgelandskysten Norwegian Scenic Route in the northern region of Gildeskål. Ureddplassen is popular with tourists and local residents as it provides a beautiful spot to observe the northern lights in winter, and the midnight sun in summer. The entire space has been updated to create a better experience for travellers heading north on the coastal road.

Comical Toilet Paper Stands Mr.T

This toilet paper stand uses two rolls of bathroom rolls to complete its toy-like figure. Using a toilet paper roll’s shape, product and furniture design firm sooda-e have transformed them into barbells held up by the stout mr. T. Taking into consideration the shape and size of a mundane household item, the designer created something that could cleverly prop up bathroom rolls. It’s in red and blue and costs only $31. If you’re interested you can buy it here and for sure it will enliven your bathroom.