Smart House with Amazing Ability to Transform

This smart house really exists in Warsaw. Its uniqueness lies in its unusual concept – the house is a real castle but only when his owner is away from home. In this case, the house looks like a bunker or secret building with impenetrable fence, with no windows and doors. But as soon as the owner enters the main gate – the house is miraculously transformed. Impenetrable concrete fence is folded, windows are open and eventually smart house turns into a luxury country mansion with an indoor pool. Interior of the house is designed in a minimalist style and looks modern. Transformation of the house so incredible that you have to see these photos by yourself.

Intertwined Shelves

Some designers have enough talant to turn usual interior elements into art pieces. Maria Yasko – interior designer from Russia – desided to transform such simple element as shelves into multifunctional bizarre intertwined furniture. Besides its primary functionality it can be used as part of room decoration.

[Matroshka] – a compact living concept

This unusual all-in-one furniture set was invented by the group of student. In its most packed fromat it takes up less space then 4 m2and yet it has room for: book shelf, double bed, sofa or corner sofa, dinner table or sofa table, fours stools, 12 seats all together, working place, wardrobe, cleaning products, drawer for small clothes e.g. socks, folder storage. Great solution for maximizing quality of living, especially for those in confined dwellings. But this is only a project for now.