Luxury Aircraft Interior Design for Hybrid Air Vehicles Airlander

Hybrid air vehicles limited (HAV) and British company Design Q have unveiled the Airlander 10 passenger cabin at Farnborough Air Show, illustrating what’s possible in luxury expeditionary tourism. The design reveals private en-suite bedrooms, onboard fine dining and panoramic views that feature in the world’s largest aircraft. The 45 meters-long cabin is designed to accommodate up to 18 passengers and crew for a three-day expedition.

Luxury Art Deco $80 Million Aircraft Interior

The creative team at Embraer Executive Jets and the brilliant designer Eddie Sotto has released breathtaking jet concept called the Manhattan Airship. The interior of a private jet is perfectly equipped to transport you to another era. The interior of the Lineage 1000E has been beautifully redesigned for this project, which pushes boundaries way beyond their limits, with a superb Art Deco motif and many incredible updates. Featuring a cabin that’s 84 feet long and 6 feet 7 inches tall, the Lineage would normally boast five passenger zones, which can include a master bedroom with a queen-size bed and shower, but everything has been modified for this special concept, to feature interesting details and cultural references meant to keep passengers in their seats for as long as possible. Many of the Art Deco design elements reference the ocean liners Normandie and Queen Mary, with this jet packing a wonderful cocktail lounge with an intimate dining area. Certain areas of the cabin have been outfitted in dark wood flooring and paneling, and feature gold- and brass-colored accents. The wall of the cabin’s entryway shows off a stunning metallic mural depicting the Manhattan skyline circa 1930, and there’s also a cozy lounge area inspired by the rooftop club inside the spire of Manhattan’s Chrysler Building. This includes a bar with retractable bar stools, vintage-inspired sconces, and a mohair-and-lambskin divan under a city-loft-style window. A cinema room with simulated alabaster torchères, surround-sound audio, and a 4K video screen can be also experienced aboard this plane, along with the Salon Dumont and the Crystal Room. The latter allows up to six passengers to dine at a table with decorative inlays, rest on mohair-covered seats, and simply enjoy the good life. And the price for it all is $80 Million, just for the interior.

Luxury Travel Trailer 2017 Airstream Classic XL

Airstream Classic Trailer is a 33 feet long mobile home with luxurious amenities, abundant storage, elegant design, private sleeping quarters, and spacious living areas. Boasting enough accommodations for Airstream living, each Classic XL trailer features several upscale conveniences including a touch panel electronic control system, four external pre-wired solar ports, a Polk audio system complete with a 200W subwoofer, large dinette, heated shower floor, and Cognac Maple décor throughout the entire trailer. Entertainment wise, the 2017 Classic also offers a projector TV, and whoever’s lucky enough to get the master bedroom will also enjoy a separate bathroom and walk-in shower. You can experience this luxury yourself for $135,600.

Luxury Train Shikishima – Five-Star Hotel On Wheels

Japan’s luxury train suite Shikishima (a coined word meaning “island of four seasons”), has been dubbed the world’s most luxurious mode of public transport. The train has just taken its maiden voyage, with speculators calling a voyage on the vehicle “the ultimate travel experience.” The train’s aesthetic has been dreamed up by Ken Kiyoyuki Okuyama, the automotive designer behind the Ferrari Enzo and P4/5 along with the Maserati Quattroporte, and brings the elegant physique of a supercar to public transport. With dome cars, large geometric windows and a plush sofas, a trip on the rain suite Shikishima is comparable to a luxury cruise. Decked out in traditional materials such as wood, “washi” japanese paper and japanese lacquer, the 10-car train harks back to its heritage. The train suite Shikishima uses artistic techniques that have been a part of eastern Japanese culture of generations, whilst also nodding to oriental landscapes with an interior aesthetic that’s reminiscent of a quiet, tree-lined forest. The Shikishima suite room comes complete with a flooring of tatami mats, while cypress bathtubs over the riders a fragrant bath mid voyage. Guests are even attended to by staff kitted out in custom-made uniforms designed by Uniqlo creative director Naoki Takizawa. Okuyama nods to Japanese artisanal crafts with his use of bentwood—made by curving wood with steam—to frame the sofas and seating. Meanwhile, oriental carpet mills takes car of the design under foot, using their signature ornate carpets that can already be found in the Vatican palace and Kyoto state guest house. The train consists of 17 rooms in total, with two large suite rooms and 15 smaller ones. JR east, the rail operator behind the luxury masterpiece, seeks to provide “a high-grade space” that is currently unseen in existing railway journeys. far from distracting guests from the natural scenery outside, the train suite Shikishima incorporates the outside world into the experience of riding the luxury vehicle. With specifically designed glass “observatory cars” at the front and rear of the train, the ride offers up a panaromic view of eastern Japan’s diverse landscapes. The journey even comes complete with a culinary experience influenced by the areas through which the train travels, using seasonal food from the local regions to be eaten with silver nikel cutlery created by Yamazaki Kinzoku Kogyo.

Art Deco-Inspired Private Jet Interior

The Airbus Corporate Jet Centre, in Toulouse, France, has completed an art deco-inspired custom cabin in an ACJ319 jet for a company in Asia. Combining comfort, function, and innovative design, the interior (for up to 19 passengers) features five individual mini-suites – each with its own storage spaces – that evoke the privacy and coziness of a vintage-train cabin. A wide main lounge adjoins a separate parlor where two passengers can share a widescreen movie. The master bedroom offers an en suite bathroom with a square shower, a private office space, and a two-place sofa that can convert to a conversation nook, with two VIP seats separated by a low table. A brown-and-cream palette creates a sense of space and simplicity in the cabin, and gold-colored details enhance the classic retro aura. The dining area seats up to six in a snug booth-like setting. The retro styling is paired with state-of-the-art amenities and cabin controls. All 15 of the seats can recline to a fully flat position and are adjustable via Wi-Fi from a digital tablet. Two cocktail bars are hidden behind mirrors, emerging when needed with the push of a button. The cabin design was the most complex challenge ever completed by Airbus, the company said. The ACJ319 cabin is 78 feet long by 12 feet wide, and the jet can travel up to 6,900 miles nonstop, at speeds up to about 540 mph.

The Hairstream – A Mobile Service With Style

Parked predominantly at The Capri in Southampton, New York, stylist Ric Pipino and his staff offer cuts, color, and blowouts in an atmosphere of fun. The Hairstream seeks to create a boudoir-inspired ambiance, where women of all ages can feel right at home. “It’s a next step to making things more convenient,” said Pipino. “It has all of the services that you would want in a salon. There’s nothing different as far as service or quality from what you are getting at a regular salon or in the Hairstream.” Pipino and partner Gil Haziza spent more than a year customizing The Hairstream. They managed to create four styling stations, and a VIP section! The interior is clad in copper, giving it a warm and inviting feeling. Clear salon chairs are light and modern in keeping with the hipster vibe of the Airstream. Pipino and Haziz plan on taking the Hairstream to Fashion Week in September, and from there who knows?

Top 10 Most Luxurious Airlines

The service quality of flights tends to differ exponentially from one carrier to another. Not all flights offer the same level of amenities and it is not uncommon to have a negative experience aboard a certain flight. Your departure might get delayed or even calcelled. Marek Janetzke, Managing Director of, says: “Airlines mostly leave their passengers without any information about it or even negate that their customers are entitled to compensation.” You could wind up sitting next to a person who is not at all in the mood to share his armrest. Another frequent problem that most of you will experience at one point or another is the passenger right in front of you who won’t stop tilting his seat into your knees. These sorts of scenarios are commonplace in the economy class section of a flight, but head a little further beyond the curtain and a whole new world awaits you – First Class.

Apollo 70 Airstream Bar

Apollo 70 Airstream Bar is an airstream trailer that has been completely transformed into a mobile bar. Team at Apollo 70 rent the Airstream out to anyone for events. The bar on wheels comes complete with a fully stocked bar, televisions, and a courteous staff to ensure all of your guest’s are properly taken care of. Not only does this bar offer up locally sourced craft beers and cocktails, but can also transform into a full-fledged food truck, serving everything from the finest Belgium chocolates to gourmet street food.

Comfort Trailer Home “ProtoHaus”

Do you want to travel with home comfort? If yes – check this amazing timber trailer home. ProtoHaus is a timber frame or “stick built” house with accent on sustainability, functionality, and aesthetics. It’s fabricated primarily from recycled and reclaimed materials. The building process was overseen and assisted by S. C. Holley Construction. This transportable house is built on a trailer bed rated to withstand 14,000 pounds. Separate fresh, gray, and black water systems are integrated into the design allowing for remote removal and disposal of waste. A solar and wind system power the house allowing it to be off grid. Stunning idea!