Volvo’s Self-Driving Semi Truck Concept ‘Vera’

Much is said about the emergence of autonomous cars on our streets, but enclosed areas like ports, factories and corporate campuses may well be where they are put to work first. With this in mind, Volvo has just announced a new electric vehicle concept built to tow loads around these kinds of environments all on their lonesome, so much so it hasn’t even bothered with a cabin. “We can see a boom in e-commerce, as well as overall global consumption and it shows no signs of slowing down,” says Mikael Karlsson, Volvo’s Vice President Autonomous Solutions. “The industry needs to find new ways to meet the increased demand on transports in an efficient and sustainable way. Therefore, new solutions need to be developed to complement what’s available today.” The Volvo Vera concept is designed to lighten the load around ports, factories, logistics centers and anywhere else where goods are moved on the regular. The vehicle is more electric sled than electric car, removing the driver’s cabin altogether (similar to Einride’s T-log), while retaining the ability to latch standard load carriers and trailers onto the back.

Powered by the same drivetrain and battery packs as Volvo’s electric trucks, the Vera is built to carry out repetitive, short-distance trips with large, heavy loads. The idea is that fleets of Veras would work together by connecting to a control center over the cloud, which would optimize traffic flow to keep things operating smoothly and waits to a minimum. To that end, this central node would monitor the battery levels of the vehicles, along with their position, the content of their loads and service requirements. Volvo doesn’t outline any production plans for the Vera, but does say that in the “near future” it will work with selected customers to develop the concept further and the potential for the concept to expand into other types of applications in the future. You can see the Vera at work in the video below. And also you can heck other self-driving trucks from Mercedes and Audi.

T-log – Sweden’s Electric Driverless Truck 4×4

It might not be the quickest vehicle at the event, but Swedish transport company Einride has chosen the Goodwood Festival of Speed to reveal the T-log, an autonomous, electric logging truck. Incorporating some unusual purpose-built design for the niche logging market, the vehicle is designed to go off-road and to navigate forest roads with and without loads. The T-log is designed to operate as a Level 4 self-driving vehicle, as defined by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE). An SAE Level 4 vehicle can operate autonomously without human intervention in specific, pre-defined or pre-determined situations.

Thor ET-One – New Competitor of Tesla’s All-Electric Semi Truck

Dakota Semler, the 25-year-old founder and chief executive officer of Thor Trucks, has developed with his team an all-electric semi that’s been dubbed the ET-One. The ET-One is the first product from the company and Semler hopes it will be the flagship model in a robust, customizable line that will also eventually include delivery vans and work vehicles. The goal, Semler relayed to Bloomberg, is to “work on a one-off basis, customizing clients’ fleets per their specifications.” Like Musk’s model, the ET-One boasts a sleek, futuristic aesthetic, an all-electric motor that ditches dirty diesel in whole, and the ability to haul up to 80,000 pounds of cargo—something currently only the industry’s highest class of trucks can tow. The Thor version also uses a 22-inch touchscreen on its dashboard which communicates with the vehicle’s electric motor and battery packs, which can carry the truck 300 miles on a charge. Thor is hoping to bring the ET-One to market in 2019 at an estimated starting price of $150,000. Take a look at other examples of all-electric trucks Semi-Autonomus Mercedes Euro-X and Audi Truck Project.

Truck of the Future – Semi-Autonomus Mercedes Euro-X

This minimalist truck named Mercedes Euro-X was actually designed by Muyeon Cho as an intermediary step between human-operated trucks and absolute autonomy. This difference is most obvious in the cabin. It falls somewhere in-between the extreme minimalism of other driverless concepts and current designs. The Euro-X cabin’s pointed face cuts through air to decrease resistance and improve mileage. You won’t find any windows, but that doesn’t mean nobody is on board! A cozy space for a “driver” has been relocated to the center and lower portion of the cabin where they can monitor systems in between kicking back and enjoying the ride! Of course, they can take over during tricky situations or when more attention is required. Also if you fond of such futuristic concepts – check another futuristic truck concept for Audi.

KamAZ Brand Future Vision

Do you remember the previous truck concept tat we’ve shown you – Audi Truck Project? Today we want to show you also something exceptional. Artyom Trofimenko’s concept KamAZ Vision truck looks like something straight out of Transformers! New V-shaped body style, based on previous generation of KamAZ trucks. Cab-over trucks usually disregard aerodynamics to fit within length regulations, but this design does what it can to minimize wind resistance with a slicked back panoramic top glass section and air-directing surfaces.

Audi Truck Project

Two designers created a project of truck concept for Audi. The goal of the project, called Truck For Audi, was to create a concept for a self-driving electric truck for the German automobile manufacturer. In this case, since the idea itself breaks new ground in the transportation world, it only made sense that designers Artem Smirnov and Vladimir Panchenko would practically reinvent the way we view these trucks. What’s left for us is quite the imaginative piece of vehicle conceptualization, featuring elongated headlights and tail lights along with design lines smoother than Miles Davis. And let’s not forget that cockpit inspired cabin. Whatever the case, if these do make it on the road eventually, they’re sure to draw significant attention from surrounding drivers.

Luxury Caravan from A-Cero

Some time ago we’ve shown you luxury caravan Futuria and now you have a chance to compare it with another one created by architectural studio A-Cero managed by Joaquin Torres. This mobile home was created for long term living and has everything you might need for this even a garage. All furniture is created from Corian to minimize vibration while movement. Interior is created in minimalistic style and could be easily called elegant. So move on and take a look at this luxury RV.