Hyper Realistic 3D Scene of UFO Crash

Marc Trautmann is a creator of this project inspired by the secret areas that are protected by governments in many parts of the world. Particularly Mark was inspired by French philosopher Paul Virilio’s book ‘War and Cinema’ which is about the situation during the Cold War. Virilio described this phase of ‘the immaterial war of perception’ as the moment when the shooting area turns into the shooting location and the battlefield becomes a film set. Marc shot the landscape in Death Valley, and Mainworks turned in the UFOS using CG technology.

The ‘Alien Torchere’ Modern Wooden Floor Lamp

This far-out floor lamp designed by Dmitry Grigoriev in collaboration with designer Alexey Zudin takes on the familiar shape of a playful UFO! Called the Alien Torchere, its exaggerated legs and fluid shape are reminiscent of ones you might see in retro science fiction flicks. Decorative blue inlays inspire the imagination and look like windows for curious creatures inside! They also emit a cool blue light when the lamp is switched on. In contrast with its otherworldly form, its material composition is natural and organic in raw wood that’s polished to extraterrestrial-like perfection! And don’t forget to check other floor lamps Woobia and Daiana.

Futuristic Rocking Chair UFO

Italian design company IT ONEOFF, have designed “UFO” a futuristic rocking chair. The name “UFO” comes from Unidentified Furniture Object, as it takes its inspiration from the shapes of flying saucers. It’s made from a single piece of carbon fiber, with a handmade leather seat, and the design enables it to rock but never flip over. It’s the perfect shape for curling up and reading a book.