Hyper Realistic Ocean Wave Vases

Marsha Blaker and Paul DeSomma, two glass artists at Kela’s, a glass art gallery in Kauai, Hawaii, have a unique talent for capturing the power and motion of the sea. It is only at a closer glance that these stunning ocean wave vases can be distinguished from the real thing. They created a myriad of other beautiful glass art inspired by the sea, so be sure to take a look!

A Marble Vase with Dual Personalities

This vase, named Introverso 2, has dual personalities. Designed by Paolo Ulian and Moreno Ratti, the vase is made of solid marble that’s cut to reveal slats. At first glance, you don’t see that there’s another silhouette of a vase hidden inside with a completely different shape. Anytime you feel like it, take a hammer and chip away at the edges of the marble slats. The more you break away, the more you see of the new shape. Whether you decide to keep the original, rectangular vase or bring out the more traditional shaped vase underneath, the choice is yours.

CELLA for House Moss and Small Plants

Landscape design company ecoid have created CELLA, a product designed to house moss and other small plants. “Cella is a new, creative product designed to bring urban people closer to nature. It is specially constructed of flexible, lightweight plastic to house moss and small plants. Cella creates a microclimate that allows them to thrive both indoors and outdoors. Cella is uniquely adaptable in that it can be attached to walls and roofs, or simply stand alone. This portable, self-contained habitat comes in different sizes and can be linked with other units. Cella’s unique ability to create the optimal microclimate for moss and plug plants make it adaptable to all kinds of environments. The small, organic form of the units make efficient use of space to fit a garden in an urban home or apartment, and can be installed on any surface. There are no limits to your landscaping visions – grow a traditional garden on the floor, or have it climb up the walls and hang from the ceiling.”

Glass Vases “Pino-Pino” by Maija Puoskari and Tuukka Tujula

Maija Puoskari together with Tuukka Tujula has designed a glass vase/container named Pino-Pino. “When receiving flowers one often has just the wrong vase. The glass vase Pi-no Pi-no offers a solution to this problem with its modifiability. The height and colour of this practical and beautiful vase can be adjusted through its stackable glass rings, so that one vase can work in different situations. When not in use for flowers, the vase can be turned into a container due to its wooden lid.”

Innesti by Alexandra Denton and Sofia Lazzeri

Alexandra Denton and Sofia Lazzeri have designed Innesti, a decorative item that will be exhibited during the upcoming Stockholm Design Week. “A fruitful combination between glass and textile. Innesti is the italian word for grafting, a botanic technique used to join tissue from one plant with another, with the purpose of creating new varieties. Alexandra Denton and Sofia Lazzeri in their collaborative project, developed unique pieces that are mixtures of two very different materials: glass and textile. The outcomes combine contrasting properties: the hardness, fragility and coldness of glass, with the softness, coziness and warmness of textile. In order to explore how humans understand, perceive and interpret matter, the designers have chosen to work with shapes and techniques that enhance the sensorial features of the materials. The alchemical artifacts came to life by exploring and merging together processes coming from an ancient era: glass blowing, weaving and dyeing. The project aims to enhance the voices of the materials and stimulate an aesthetic experience that celebrates contrasts, knowledge and tradition.”

Osmosi Collection by Emmanuel Babled

Emmanuel Babled has designed a collection of furniture, lighting and vases made from glass and marble called Osmosi. “Osmosi is an edition by Emmanuel Babled. It consists of glass and marble pieces, marrying the two materials into sculptural objects, furniture and lighting. The project is in the border between manufactured products and one off sculptures. The functional aspect is present in each unique piece.” Take a look!

Kishu Collection by Maya Selway

Designer Maya Selway’s Kishu collection consists of a series of objects that were designed to look like careless, half-finished sketches of candle holders, vases and bowls. Each object in the Kishu collection is carefully weighted at its base to support its lopsided structure. “I worked for a long time to get the balance just right,” said Selway. The collection recently won second prize in the Object category at the Interieur Design Awards at the Interieur Design Biennale in Kortrijk, Belgium.

Limited Edition Wood Vases

Based in Austin, Texas, the design studio LEBORED is run by Alex Shilin and Jennifer Eshelman. They create unique objects in limited editions and currently they have a series of wood vessels that are pretty sweet. Some of the vessels have feet and some don’t, some are hand painted while others are stained. Each one is unique and sealed on the inside to protect the wood from water in case you use yours as a vase. If you’re interested – you can buy them here.

Unusual Vases “Industry Porcelain”

Italian design studio Gentle Giants represents their latest project “Industry Porcelain”. By using white porcelain Michael Breschi has created a series of ceramic vases with gold metal bases. Drawing form from art deco architecture, articularly industrial water and gas storage towers built during that period, these pieces pay close attention to the detail and cultural dimension of the structures. This collection pays tribute to the past work of highly respected German photographers, Bernd and Hill Becher. Take a look!

Creative “Bloom My Body” Vase

Here is another example of creative vases similar to WIG Vase that we’ve shown you some time ago. Created by Niels van Eijk and Miriam van der Lubbe the person-shaped vases “Bloom My Buddy” allow to create endless number of original creations with flowers, leaves and stems! Originally commissioned by the Flower Council of Holland, the larger design has been downsized for a home version. The smaller one measures 45 cm, is made of rotation molded polyethylene and has 98 holes. The larger version measures 120 cm, is made of hand laminated polyester and has 298 holes. Take a look!

Timothy John’s Woven Collection

Woven Collection created by New Zealand-based designer Timothy John consists of the Traditionalist vase, the Optimist and Pessimist pendant lights, the Exhibitionist table and the Deviant clock. “The initial Woven Series project was launched in November 2010; an experiment focused on hand weaving and wrapping techniques. The project was extensively covered by international publications and the Deviant clock was showcased at the Su Nero Nero exhibition in Italy in late 2011. Inspired by the overall reaction, the Woven Collection was born. Each piece pays tribute to a traditional form with focus on scale and material weaving technique. There is a strong element of contradiction evident in combining an organically woven felt textile with high gloss and elegant components. Despite these conflicting qualities and spirited embellishments, a simplicity of form is retained.” Take a look!

Creative 90° Vase by Cuatro Cuatros

Cuatro Cuatros 90° is a creative vase that displays an intriguing geometry. " Is this an impossible triangle? The interposition, orientation and perspective create a contradiction of the space that makes us perceive something that is not. It comes from the Penrose experience. 90° is a vase that, based on a drawing, has been converted to a geometrical shape with volume. Depending on the point of view, both ends coincide and make it look like a closed figure. " Take a look!

Original WIG Vase by Tania da Cruz

We’ve seen a lot of vases for flowers including a few ones on the pages of our magazine. Today we want to show you great combination of vase and sculpture. Creative and interesting idea came to designer Tania da Cruz. She created flower vase with unexpected forms. It’s shaped like a human head. The water will be stored inside it and flower and plants inserted to the wholes will look like a strange and yet beautiful wig. Interior designers should pay attention to this original vase.

Unique Porcelain Flower Vase – FlexVase

It’s pretty hard to have different vases for different bouquets. And sometimes it’s a problem. But Dutch design label vij5 provides creative solution: porcelain vessel FlexVase. It consists of of a base part with three different inserts, that can be exchanged to adapt the vase according the height or size of the bouquet it holds. Simple and yet stylish design and absolute universality make this vase desirable stuff in each home.

Creative and Funny Flower Pots by GOOD

Today we want to show you intersting experiment from Kazahstan based agency GOOD. The idea of combination a plant and human face is not very new and unique but the following concept shows its particular usage. The flower pot and human face have similar form and it contributes to their visual association. So check these pretty funny pots and may be you’ll want to have some with your face…

MUSE – Serenade for Plants

The vase created by Lie Zhong-Fa, Koo Yoori and Jeon Se-Yong looks very futuristic but it’s not its only feature. “Muse” is musical vase which can sing serenades to you and your favorite plant. You just have to rotate “Muse” to the left until the clockwork is winded completely and the vase will play a song while the clockwork runs down. You can even choose a color of the vase and a song you want to hear. Having such vase is an unique chance to check the theory about influence of music to a plants.

Arms & Crafts

Krasznai is a young studio from Barcelona, Spain. Their new collection "Arms & Crafts" consists of ceramic objects for home decoration: vases, mugs and bowls. But all the art works are a bit different. They added small hands to each object and it looks pretty nice. As they said "we like to think that they all have their own behaviour". Average price is $50.

Floating Whale with Flowers

Designer from Portugal Alessandro Bêda has created interesting concept of flower jar consisted from two porcelain or ceramic pieces. This vase looks like floating whale produced a fountain from flowers. This ineteresting concept is waiting for sponsors manufacturers to producing and selling it.