Luxury Personal Vessel Kormaran K7

The ‘K7′ from Austrian company, Kormoran, is a versatile luxury vessel that can speed on the seas as a catamaran, trimaran, monohull, or a hydrofoil. A pair of hydraulically actuated hulls allows the watercraft to transform on the sea, even when in motion. The kormaran ‘K7’ is a 23 foot speedboat that can change shape + pilot settings at the push of a button. Its electronically activated hydraulic-arms are central to its adaptability: when drawn inward, the outrigger hulls fold into a monohull watercraft; when deployed partially, the body stands above the water surface, acting as dual hulls of a catamaran watercraft; when deployed completely, the body is submerged effectively becoming the third hull of a trimaran watercraft. The luxury watercraft also features a set of fold-out hydrofoils, enabling it to lift the body further above the water in monohull mode, creating a smooth experience that reduces water resistance by up to 80 and consumes less fuel. Kormaran complements the ‘K7’s’ innovative design with materials that create a sense of prestige. Its overall structure is crafted from carbon fiber, the hydraulic arms are a blend of titanium and stainless steel, while the interior is trimmed in soft leather. The hull + deck surfaces are covered in veneers of black-jointed teak wood, providing ample room for occupants to sunbathe, or dive into the water. During the evening, an intelligent lighting system navigates the pilot through dark conditions, while red LEDs + aquamarine strip lighting provides the perfect ambience to appreciate the seascape at night. The luxury watercraft’s 493 horsepower ‘triple-jet-drive’ allows it to reach its top speed at 45 mph (70 km/h), travelling up to nmi (200 km). It measures 7 m (23 ft) in total length, and between 5 and 11.5 ft (1.5 and 3.5 m) in width, from the monohull to trimaran configurations. Sat at the rear of the pilot is a leather seat for two rear passengers, allowing the to get cozy while revelling in the luxurious cabin.

Fitness Vessel: Pedal And See The Sights of Paris

Renowned design and innovation office Carlo Ratti Associati reveals the Paris navigating gym project, an exclusive human-powered boat that sails along the Seine river in Paris. Developed as a collaborative initiative, the proposal responds to the locals’ demand concerning the urban and public infrastructure. The Paris navigating gym project was initiated by Carlo Ratti Associati alongside fitness manufacturing company Technogym, the non-profit Terreform ONE organization and the urban regeneration institute URBEM; what is hoped to be accomplished through this proposal is to demonstrate the potential of human energy for vehicular powering . As Carlo Ratti, founding partner of Carlo Ratti Associati and MIT senseable city lab director, explains : ‘The Paris navigating gym investigates the potential of harnessing human power, it’s fascinating to see how the energy generated by a workout at the gym can actually help to propel a boat. It provides one with a tangible experience of what lies behind the often abstract notion of electric power’. The proposed boat is a 20 meter long ‘fitness vessel’ that can easily accomodate 45 individuals and features a distinct series of ARTIS fitness equipments – provided by Technogym – which harness the energy produced during workout sessions and ultimately power the cruising vehicle. In addition, fitness enthusiasts can keep track of their energy data and the outdoor conditions via an augmented-reality screen that displays real-time information. Thanks to electric propellers, the boat can also be activated for a long and enjoyable cruise along the Parisian river – allowing complete public use throughout the year. Finally, this unprecendented experience can be further enhanced with an incredible panoramic glassed front facade, capturing the capital’s urban charm. Influenced by the Bateaux Mouches, a typical 20th century touristic ferry-boat of the seine river, the vessel’s distinct design indeed reflects the iconic character of the french metropolis.

Perfect Relaxation in Vessel

If you’re looking for relax the first things that came in mind is bathtub or hammock. But what would be if they were combined into one sole piece. Perhaps, absolutely relaxation! And designer Splinter Works combined the peaceful experience of kicking-back in a hammock with the comfort of soaking in a hot bath. As a result we have a Vessel. This perfect bathtub is suspended from the walls and does not touch the floor. It is fixed with stainless steel brackets that can be covered over, or left revealed. The bath is filled using a floor standing tap and the waste water released through the base into a floor drain. A down-pipe drain can also be installed if a wet room setting is not possible.

The SeaOrbiter: Futuristic Marine Research Vessel

This is not another futuristic hotel. It’s a futuristic oceanographic marine vessel that would be constructed with the sole aim of exploring the world’s oceans. Called The SeaOrbiter it would serve as a scientific laboratory as scientists explore the places that cover two-thirds of our planet and contain 80% of all life on Earth — the oceans. The brainchild of French architect Jacques Rougerie, The SeaOrbiter would also be the world’s first vertical ship standing at an impressive 170 feet (51m) tall. In order to make the vessel as stable as possible, two-thirds of its structure would remain underwater, giving the craft buoyancy, as well a “fish-collection system for studies of the pelagic ecosystem, plankton biodiversity, and fish stocks.” The SeaOrbiter concept, the $52.7 million project, has been discussed for over 12 years and as been dismissed on countless occasions as a pipe dream, but it seems like the project has gained traction and construction is rumored to start in October with the vessel launching next year. Take a look!