Unique Vinylize Eyewear

Vinylize upcycles old vinyl records into some really amazing and unique eyewear. Not just for music lovers. “Vinylize began because we wanted to make eyewear on a recyclable basis. We experimented by making old vinyl records into frames. The process has been refined over a number of years into a stylish and sophisticated product. We have our own special method of joining vinyl with cellulose acetate which took many years of trial and error to perfect. An example of which you can see detailed in this photo.” Have fun!

Vinyl Music Icons

Talanted designer and illustrator based in Madrid, Spain, Alejandro de Antonio Fernández is the creator of this incredible collection of vinyl-inspired pop art for the UNCO_MA Project presented by Art Room. De Antonio was inspired by vinyl records and illustrated original portraits of legendary musicians. The list of music icons range from Jim Morrison to Michael Jackson. Have fun!

O+ Media Package from David Riesenberg

If you ask the older generation, which is better – CD or mp3, they will answer – “vinyl”. In fact, the dispute about which format is better – is meaningless. The only difference is what feelings cause certain media. Industrial designer David Riesenberg has developed a project called “O+ Promotional Music Release”, which will once and for all stop such a disputes. He joined together: a vinyl record, a compact disc, USB flash drive and as an iTunes Download Code. The designer does not expect the mass production of his invention, but for limited edition series to get an extra buzz, this project is completely viable.