Minimalist Picto Wall Clock

The minimalist Picto clock was designed by Steen Georg Christensen and Erling Andersen for Rosendahl Timepieces. This clean dial with no numerals gives wearers a “picture of time.” Like the watch versions, the Picto wall clock features the same rotating dial in place of an hour hand. The wall clock echoes the playful look of the watches, while blowing up the scale, foregoing the top glass, and toning down the color. Interested? You can buy it here.

Elegant and Stylish Dynamic Wall Clocks

The Perspective Series from Studio Ve contains stunning clocks in modern minimalist style. Inspired by the way in which each of us has a different perspective on “life and time”, these wall clocks double up as fascinating and dynamic sculptural additions. The Perspective Series has a selection of 5 exquisite wall clocks that feature a black backdrop and unique hands crafted using interesting straight white lines. Each one of the clocks professes a unique life philosophy that talks about varying perceptions and how we manage our time through the vibrant and varying geometric designs that the hands form. While the V Clock shows simplicity and focused style, the ravishing K Clock showcases how simple straight lines overlap and combine to for complex patterns. The D clock is a reminder that perceptions vary depending on the point of view even as P Clock and Z Clock dazzle with interesting 3D shapes and patterns. You can get one of these clocks for $55 or the entire set for $220 by backing the project on Kickstarter in the next few days. Grab one while you still can!

Concrete Para Clocks by LeeLABS

LeeLABS have created a variety of clocks made of concrete that all use a parametric modeling algorithm to get their unique radial patterns. “LeeLABS has recently completed Para Clocks, a project that not only seeks to crowd source investment and interest, but aims to crowd source design power as well. Para-Clocks is about combining digital design methods with traditional craft using concrete; and most importantly, involving YOU in the design process. Designing using parametric software allows us to create many variations of radial patterns based off of similar sets of rules; but these are then played with and manipulated, allowing each pattern to be expressive in surprising ways.” Have fun!