LZF’s Handmade Wood Lamps in Set of Creative Images

Photographers Nienke Klunder and Wiglius de Bie have produced a photographic montage for LZF that juxtaposes fragments of several art movements, including Surrealism, De Stijl, and Modern. With dramatic effect, Klunder and de By present a number of LZF’s handmade wood lamps in a series of creative scenes. The radiant Dandelion, slinky New Wave and peculiar Life-Size Fish are just a few of the lights on show.

Origami-Inspired Animal Lamps

Today we want to show you beautiful origami inspired lamps. “The idea came to life last Winter when Hugo surprised Teresa with two rough versions of paper models – a penguin and an owl – each with a lamp inside. It was the start of our paper lamp enterprise which combines DIY papercraft modeling with illumination. From then on, the designs evolved, new ideas were developed, materials were tested and our workspace was invaded by all sorts of animals. This September, we unveil our clan of paper lamps. Our designs are inspired by the origami concept of folding paper figures and result in a group of original companions to have around the house. Each of them presents individual features enhanced by their movement and position. Glowing in the dark is the ultimate effect to bring out their liveliness. Models are made with high-quality 160g paper and colours were carefully selected to create different and unique ambiences when the paper lamps are lit up. OWL paper lamps consist of a DIY kit with the necessary items to assemble our designs. We challenge people to give their personal imprint and actively participate in the making of the models. A completed DIY paper lamp could be a good idea for those who choose to offer personalized and exclusive gifts that make a difference.”

Elegant Wooden Whale Lamp

Designer Eduard Golikov has created an elegant wooden whale sculpture that doubles as an unconventional lighting solution. Crafted from birch wood, each piece is laser cut and assembled into a series of concentric shapes that form a sleek and stylized version of the beloved water-based creature. After its construction, Golikov coats the lamp in white paint and inserts an Edison bulb to cast a soft glow. The illuminated whale can be displayed a couple of ways. It can rest on a desk as a table lamp, but it’s also equipped with a suspension system—this allows it to float and seemingly “swim” in midair, adding a dream-like element to your space. Golikov sells these whimsical creatures in his Etsy shop.

D-12 Lamp – Innovative Modular Lighting System

The D-12 Lamp is the brainchild of Plato Design and is a modular lighting system that boasts both visual appeal and an impressive amount of versatility to boot. Billed as the revolutionary LED lighting system created to suit your changing needs thanks to its magnetic connections which allows you to reconfigure it as and when you please. Decide upon the number of modules that you require for your workspace and direct the light as you see fit, the D12 Lamp really is a decidedly functional piece of lighting for any home or workspace. A cool aesthetic coupled with the customisation opportunities really make the D-12 Lamp stand out from the crowd and you can still pick one up for a bargain price over on Kickstarter now.

Metal Throat Lamp Inspired by Ventilation Pipes

Throat family luminaires by KEHA3 are inspired from industrial ventilation pipes. The luminaire is flexible and freely directable. Industrial design language implies to its durability and a wide-range choice of dimensions of spring tubes used in industy create a prerequisite for creating a versatile luminaire family. The metal throat element ensures the directability and fixing of the luminaires and the polyurethane-covered flexible metal spring takes care of the final finishing. Throat luminaires can be used as ceiling and wall lamps; they suit to home environment as well as public rooms. It is available in two lengths. By adding a colourful stocking on the lamp, it is possible to turn the industrial Throat lamp into even more playful luminaire than it already is. The stocking is easily put on and requires no hard work to take it off, therefore depending on the interior and also the mood it is easy as pie to give the luminaire a fresh look!

Smart Flower Lamps Bloom When Pedestrians Stand Under Them

HQ Architects have designed a set of giant flowers that bloom and react to pedestrians and transportation. Located in Vallero Square in the heart of Jerusalem in Israel, the flowers have been installed as part of the municipality’s effort to improve the urban space. The four giant flowers, that are 30 feet tall, have been placed in key positions, enabling them to be viewed from all around the square and the nearby market. Each of the flowers also provide a sense of movement to the square, as they bloom by inflating themselves when pedestrians walk by, but when there are no people, they close. When trams arrive, all four flowers open to provide cover for the pedestrians as they step off the tram.

Owl Lamps by Matteo Ugolini

Designer Matteo Ugolini has created TI.VEDO, an owl-shaped table lamp and wall lamp, for Italian lighting manufacturer, KARMAN. These lamps are made from white ceramic. “The first lamp able to turn the tide: instead of looking at a light object … now light is looking at you!” Take a look!

5+5 Lamp Inspired by a 1970’s Puzzle Toy

Children of the 1970s for sure remember the Rubick’s Cube and its sister toy – the Rubik’s Snake. Oikimus Maria and Ivan Zverev of Oikimus Design remember it too and designed the 5+5 Lamp based on it. Just like the toy, 5+5 is made up of elements interconnected by hinges that allow the parts to rotate 360° to create various two- and three-dimensional shapes. The lamp’s case is made of plywood and is outfitted with LEDs inside that illuminate through frosted Plexiglas. Due to the lamp’s ability to change, it can become a table lamp, a wall lamp, or it can even be attached to your ceiling.

Semi-Wrinkle Washi Lamps by Nendo

Japanese designers Nendo have adapted a traditional Japanese paper-making technique to create a series of lamps that are smooth at one end and gently wrinkled at the other. Nendo called the collection Semi-Wrinkle Washi, with “washi” being the name for Japanese paper made from plant fibres. “Washi is made by passing fine screens through a bath of plant pulp and water to collect the pulp, then by drying the screens and peeling off the new paper sheets,” said the designers. To create the lamps they collaborated with Taniguchi Aoya Washi, a company in the Tottori Prefecture in western Japan which is famous for creating three-dimensional objects using the same technique. According to the studio, the lamp shades created through this process are so smooth that they “can be confused with white glass or plastic.” The product will be available exclusively from Seibu department stores in Japan.

Retro-Looking “Diesel Duii Mini” Lamp

This cute retro-looking lamp called the Diesel Duii Mini is a result of Diesel design partnership with progressive Italian lighting manufacturer Foscarini. It’s a mini version of their duck-footed Duii desk lamp. With “a shape that in turn recalls a multitude of memories and inspirations: retro car headlights, a workman’s hard hat but also the Mohican style shaved head of the Diesel brand.” And just like the original, the Duii Mini comes in two colors – a working class yellow and an industrial gray. The lamp works equally well on a desk or mounted on the wall.

“ColoredShape” Wall Lamp

If you want to add some creativity to your interior then pay your attention to this lamp created by Italian designer Sabrina Fossi. The concept was inspired by the classic silhouette of the bed-side lamp. “A solution created with the goal to reduce its volume, redesigning the contours and making it an iconic modern silhouette, a pop tribute with a heart of light, which doesn’t conceal the function, but that exposes it, frames it.” Called ColoredShape this lamp is available online on the designer’s Etsy shop at about $99.

Uncle Milton’s Moon In My Room

Some time ago we’ve featured interesting lamp made in the form of Moon – LED Moon Light by Nosigner. If you liked that lamp then you will surely like the following one. The “Moon in my Room” lamp by Uncle Milton is contoured and textured just like the moon and hangs vertically on the wall. When night falls, the sensor automatically activates, and when the sun comes up, it automatically turns off. The 12 moon phases can be operated either manually or automatically. Its gentle, lunar glow will make your night fearless. You can buy it here.

Modern Lamps by Giles Godwin-Brown

Today we will show you two interesting modern lamps created by product and lighting designer Giles Godwin-Brown. Both lamps are two dimensional. The Nepa Lamp is a wall-mounted six feet lamp equipped with friction hinges to allow the piece to pivot away from the wall. Constructed of birch plywood and stainless steel with some aluminum details, it utilizes high-powered LED lighting. The Candor Lamp is also wall-mounted and is constructed of cotton and timber. Wired with LED lighting as well, this lamp features a transparent strip that generates a "halo-like" glow on the wall it is mounted on. Take a look!

Balloon Lamp by Estiluz

Spanish decorative lighting manufacturers Estiluz offers creative Balloon Lamp that will perfectly suits child room and bring positive emotions to adults as well. This ingenious lamp hide ugly energy saving fluorescent bulbs thank to a shade made of satinized polyethylene. For the wall version, the fine red cable that hangs from the shade also serves as a switch. You can buy it here for €262,33. Or you can try to find this lamp on Shopbot. Have fun!

Zeroombras Wall Lamps

Today we want to show you unique wall lamp from Italian housewares company Zeroombra called Sognibelli. As you could notice this LED lamp combines real shelf and silhoutte of table lamp and turns them in modern nightstand. It’s exist in big variety of colors to fully and totally satisfy design of your room. Very intersting invention. And very stylish by the way. Also don’t forget to check our collection of stylish and creative desk lamps.