SuperMod – Modular 3D Printed Wall System

As part of their residency at Bold Machines, Sebastian Misiurek and Arianna Lebed of Simplus Design created SuperMod, a modular wall system that has been 3D printed. “SuperMod is a 3D printed modular wall system which creates a versatile aggregation of storage that is equal parts function and beauty. The wall fluctuates between different sized modules to accommodate various types of storage needs, making it an ideal place for your favorite books, plants, spirits and more. The wall makes an excellent partition, that can divide space or stand on it’s own to enhance it. Individual modules can be detached and swapped out to create more or less porosity and achieve different levels of visibility through the piece. A variation of shadows and reflected light are generated by the faceted pattern on the exterior of the modules, which is then continued more subtly onto the interior surfaces, adding a tactile texture and continuous detail. 3D Printed materials of opaque white and translucent red plastic allow for light to come through certain modules and produce glowing effects that enhance their surrounding space. Each module was fabricated on MakerBot Z18 3D Printers and they range in size from 14 to 22 inches.”

Silhoutte Wall Plate Collection by Andrew Tanner

These beautiful decorative wall plates allow to the background of the wall become part of the art. Made in England using fine bone china and pierced with images these wall plates are part of Silhoutte Wall Plate Collection by Andrew Tanner. “My grandmother had a wallplate that we all thought was priceless. It adorned her wall and as children we had to walk slowly by the priceless artefact. After she passsed away the plate was taken down and was actually just a bog standard plate. I wanted to create something which was for decoration only. When you place the plate on a wall or in a stand, the background of your walls bring the plates alive with the cut out design”. Take a look!

Creative Wall Hooks by Thelermont Hupton

If you want to bring to your home some joy you should pay attention to these unusual and funny wall hooks by Thelermont Hupton. Each featuring a different hand gesture, this line of hand-shaped hooks says “thumbs up,” “hello,” with a wave, “shake,” “okay,” “up yours,” point, “peace” and “rock on,” all without saying a word! The hooks come in a range of hot hues including black, pink, orange, red or white, cast in composite materials with luscious lacquered finish. Or you can try these utensil-shaped hooks that resemble a saucepan, knife and rolling pin, stuck in the wall! You can choose red, black or white. Enjoy!