Concentric Wrist Watch Concept ASIG

This time we want to represent your attention stunning watch concept. The ASIG Concentric watches by Simon Williamson embrace their design in all its hubless glory. Each hand comes in a ring-shaped design that rotates on an invisible axis. Outcrops on these rings form the “hands” of the watch that allow you to tell the time despite the presence of any numeric markings on the watch’s face. Really stunning!

Samsung Galaxy Gear Edge

Designer Kovács Apor represents design concept of Samsung Galaxy Gear Edge Smart Watch. " Designed with multiple straps to match any outfit. You can attach your smartwatch to your seat belt and use it instead of any bluetooth device while driving. Forget the ugly conference name tags ruining your look, just display your name on your watch and snap it on your pocket. Please note, that this is a creative concept and idea based on an existing device of Samsung. We imagined and created a design for a smart watch that perfectly matches the Samsung Galaxy Edge." Take a look!

Span – Modern Timepiece by Box Clever

This beautiful concept named Span was created by Box Clever, a design studio in San Francisco. The Span smartwatch features an unique way of showing time, the top part displays the hours whilst the bottom half the minutes. Across the middle runs a stylish perforated band that displays time in digital format and notifications such as incoming calls, messages or alerts. “Span is our vision for the modern timepiece, an elegant amalgam of analog and digital elements. Tasteful and intuitive, Span provides only the most crucial alerts and notifications on its curved OLED display – the watch is intended to be used in tandem with a smartphone, not act as its replacement. Made of polished stainless steel and sleek black ceramic, Span’s interface is navigated with a jog dial on the bezel. Span’s jump hour timekeeping operates on a quartz movement; the digital components can be recharged with a micro-USB charging port concealed in the back of the watch.” Unfortunately this is still in concept phase, but we hope Span will find its way onto the marketplace soon.

“Nike Citrus” Watch Concept by Jacob Rynkiewicz

Today we want to show you interesting watch concept created by industrial designer from Chicago Jacob Rynkiewicz. “Nike Citrus is a blind accessible sport watch that everyone can wear! The retail strategy is a buy-one, give-one setup that lets consumers help the blind to get their hands on this high-quality product.” Enjoy!

“Subway” LCD Watch Concept

Take a look at the following interesting watch concept called “Subway”. It was submitted to TokyoFlash by designer from UK Peter. Peter says: “This is “Subway”. I had an idea of a always on LCD display that showed continuously changing apparently random numbers. Some of the numbers tell the time but without knowing the order are completely meaningless. To tell the time the watch would be activated either by a button or touch-sensitive screen controls. Once activated an animated chain links the appropriate numbers together showing the time, the order the numbers are linked in shows the order in which they should be read. This means of displaying a sequence of numbers would work equally well for the date too. This animated chain looks like the graphics used on some underground train maps hence the name subway.” If this design get sufficient number of votes this watch will be produced. Take a look!

Creative Sektorus Watch Concept

Today we want to show you another creative watch created by designers from Art Lebedev Studio. This beautiful quartz watch called “Sektorus Watch” features the body merging with the band. Two wedged displays showcase the hours and minutes/seconds separately; the date appears in a small window. The band is crafted from a flexible silicone material and fits your hand snugly. The body is all aluminum. For now it’s just a concept but perhaps soon it will be available for purchase. Take a look!

Cool Watch Concept “Ninja Time”

Let us show you new watch concept called “Ninja Time”. The face of these cool watch has two “eyes” which show the hour and the minute, while the rest of the watch is dedicated to framing them in a way that looks assuredly ninja in style! The entire casing is made from molded plastic. The Ninja Time Watch was designed by industrial designer from Ukraine Andy Kurovets. Take a look!

Wristwatch Concept “Round-the-Clock”

Our readers seem to get used to unusual and creative wristwatch concepts but today’s concept will surprise you for sure. By the first glance it’s even hard to understand that this is a wristwatch. The Round-the-Clock created by Kõrös Benedek looks like a bracelet but at the same time it tells the time with hour and minute rings that rotate around the user’s wrist. Made of stainless steel, plastic and rubber, this exceptional timepiece is unexpectedly modern and elegant. Take a look!

ADJUST Concept Watch by Nico NL1

This futuristic watch concept called ADJUST Concept watch was created by Belgium Designer Nico NL1. The time is told with a combination of 32 LED-enlightened triangles, emulating classical digits: the hours are on top and the minutes below. The strap is made of 2 pieces of flexible plastic, molded to fake links. The outer part of the case is more rigid, its top is flat, with a cavity that hosts the display covers. The back is made of metal, contrasting with the plastic part and giving an illusion of thinness to the case. Designer says "2111 A.D.,Corporations have taken control of our ruined planet. Some humans have found a way to escape their control. They communicate with a new language, based on triangles. ADJUST concept watch uses this language to tell time." Take a look!

Clever Zoomin Watch Concept

Having this unique concept you won’t say that you do not see the time. This pretty sophisticated concept called Zoomin Watch was created by couple of talanted designers Gennady Martynov and Emre Cetinkoprulu. Apart from clever idea of using magnifying glasses as a hands of the watch it’s also interesting where minute hand is located and such full list of minutes as well. This watch have gathered so many brilliant ideas in one minimalistic design that it force us to look forward for its release!