Liquid Glass by Jean Bérard Fotografía

These stunning images were created by Mexican photography studio Jean Bérard Fotografía (JFB). They have developed a series of images which capture the chaos and unpredictability of liquids. “Instead of water being contained within a vessel “liquid glass” depicts it splashing about the exterior of six different containers in a strategic and methodical way, resolved using only photography techniques.” Enjoy!

Disambigua – Unambiguous Concept
by DiciannoveDieciDesig

Modern life needs universal things and the following bathtube called Disambigua – Unambiguous by DiciannoveDieciDesign is completely universal. One turn it’s a bathtub, another turn and it’s a washbasin. It would be perfect for small bathrooms. Don’t you think?

Splash of Color by Burberry Brights

Let us show you ads campaign of bags from Burberry Brights spring-autumn 2011. To show the splash of bright colors of bags creators of advertising had decided to show splash in a general sense of the word. They dipped bags into the water. In addition to the photos in the continuation you’ll see commercial, where you can follow up this act of vandalism in the dynamics.

One Glass for Every Drink

Modern life become more and more multipurpose. But I bet you didn’t even think that such multipurpose can touch such item as glass. Sven MILCENT and Utopik Design Lab have invented cup that can be used for four main types of drink: water, cognac, wine and champagne. It’s called “One Glass for Every Drink” and uses the same head for each drink but with different base. Exellent idea don’t you think?

Made from Water

Professionalism is always held in high esteem, even if we are talking about ordinary things. It would seem that every Photoshop user passed through the creation of water effects. But not everyone can do it so that the audience said WOW! Only such a word can describe art works of Alexandra Zaharova & Ilya Plotnikov from Doberman studio. Their flowers or a butterfly look like if they actually made of living water.