Website Design Checklist – Simple Plan for Website Creation

A well maintained site is never finished, there is always a plan in place which is why it is good practice to start off your website design with a plan, though many free website creators offer their own plan. Web design is more about usability than good presentation, the two go hand in hand however without usability most sites are useless. By having a check list of what your site is going to achieve your overall vision becomes a lot clearer making it easier for you to see opportunities where you can improve usability for your users. Another great reason for having a checklist is that it allows you to analyze your competitions site and include what they left out. By adding useful pieces of design that competition have to your checklist you will be sure not to lose out on potential conversion opportunities. Most importantly about having a website design check list is that it becomes very easy to communicate your message and allows you to focus on what is important.

20 Creative 404 Error Pages

When you attempt to follow a broken or dead link usually you end up on a 404 error page. Most companies have boring 404 pages that offer you to get you back the site’s main page. But some other companies spent some time to create clever 404 pages to have some fun. Having a good error 404 error page is perhaps as important as having great contents. It’s knowing and remembering that sometimes we all make mistakes and end up in the wrong page. So for those few times when something goes wrong, it’s much better to see something nice. If you don’t have an 404 not found page on your website or blog, you should probably start thinking of creating one. If you’re using website builder software they have something to offer. And in this collection we’ve gathered some of the best 404 pages for your inspiration. Take a look!

Big Type Website Designs

Today we’ll talk about website design in a big type style ant its distinctive feature is the presence of large images, large titles, large buttons and so on. Big type websites can be implemented with WEB2.0, minimalist style or on the contrary can be bright promo sites with interactive elements. Also large type designs have a length of a few screens and in order to browse entire website you should scroll it down a lot. This is the main difference – all the content is placed on all length of the page. It’s convenient, easy to perceive and beautiful. And many web builders offer t their users website templates in this style. We picked up a selection of the 10 most impressive big type websites that can be a source of inspiration for web designers. If you want to open your own online store check out our article about How to Create an eCommerce Website.

Jumbo Ugg Website Redesign

Let us show you stylish redesign made by Higher. “Redesign of e-commerce website of Jumbo Ugg Boots® – a family business and largest manufacture of ugg boots in Australia since 1989. Jumbo Ugg Boots has been successfully wholesaling and retailing to many satisfied customers within Australia and Overseas. Color scheme of Jumbo UGG website combine corporate colors with past collections and future 2012 collection colors.” If you like redesign of this online store then you should check 10 best eommerce builders list.

Chocolate Website for Sagres Preta Chocolate

This fall the no 1 beer brand in Portugal Sagres launched beer with a chocolate flavour Sagres Preta Chocolate. For this event Portugal based design studio Diografic crated a website made entirely out of chocolate. “With the help of Maître Chocolatier Victor Nunes, renown in Portugal for his sculpture made out of chocolate, we designed and produced an interactive site made 100% out of chocolate. The only exception is the Sagres Preta Chocolate beer bottle.” Exceptionally creative idea and interesting website. Just take a look!

Fraülein Maschine Website for Hrusteam

One of the main things in creating a website is an idea, clever feature that will find a lot of fans. The following website created by designer from Moscow Ruslan Latypov for the brand Hrusteam has it. Playing on visitors passion to casino games website Hrusteam offers to play in one of the casino games. And it’s not a roulette or blackjack online. It’s good old one-armed bandit. Pull the lever and if you’re the lucky guy beautiful girls will boost your mood! Try! And good luck!

Design Concept for KISS by Fiona Bennett

“KISS by Fiona Bennett” is the ready-to-wear line from Berlin-based hat couture designer Fiona Bennett. For more than 20 years, Fiona Bennett has been cultivating an approach to couture hat design accentuated by skill, audacity and more than a dash of extravagance. The following images show design concept for online store for KISS by Fiona Bennett and this concept was created by DOJO Advertising Agency, Berlin, Germany.

25+ Best Old Paper Inspired Web Designs

Using old paper as an design element is a very popular design trend. Old paper or torn cardboard is often used as a page background as well as elements of navigation bar or content areas. As a rule “old paper style” is widely used among blog designs but flash website also can be designed using it. Today we want to showcase you the most interesting and creative old paper inspired web designs. Many from the best web builders use these type of design in their web templates.

25 Most Spectacular Blog Designs

Today we represent you great collection of the most spectacular and beautiful blog designs. Viewing this selection you’ll see how cool and surprisingly original blogs can be. Some of them were created by web development company and some them by freelance designers. Hope this collection will inspire you. We haven’t include in the collection bright stylish blogs with minimal or grunge design. We’ll show them in our future posts. Also we recommend to check our post about website builders.

100 Best Website Galleries to Submit Your Creative Design

Today’s post will be very useful for sites owners and for designers who wants to showcase their works. There are many similar lists of design galleries in the Internet but BeautifulLife represents the best 100 web galleries where you could free submit your beautiful websites. Listed below galleries are regularly visited by thousands of designers and web developers who’re trying to find inspiration in their content. If your site or blog actually has an original, beautiful design – do not miss this opportunity and submit it to web galleries from this list. Also one of the main things is website load time. If your website loads too slow moderators of web galleries can easily ignore it. So if you aren’t satisfied with your hosting company read hostmonster reviews from real customers for more information. After viewing all these stunning website you will be ready to create your own. Don’t hesitate to check our list of free website builders which will surely help you in website creation.