Rocking Moto and Dark Horse by NextOfKin Creatives

In a childhood of almost any kid rocking toys took a special place. These were horses and other “animals” and we loved them. In modern times we want for our children something more creative and industrial designers take into account our wishes. Take a look at the modern interpretations of the traditional rocking toy – Rocking Moto and Dark Horse by NextOfKin Creatives. Each applies a touch of classic styling to a ultramodern form with abstract shapes and materials like carbon fiber. With interchangeable heads, they’re even customizable for role playing other characters!

Wooden Toys by Permafrost

We’ve already shown you some collections of creative toys such as Leather Pull Toys by Ellen Heilmann or Extremely Stylish Kids Toys. This time we want to show you another great example of kids toys. They are featered on New Nordic – Architecture and Identity exhibition at the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art. This is set of wooden toys depicting modern day industrial icons, while at the same time honouring traditional Nordic craftsmanship made by Permafrost. The exhibition is open until October 21st in Copenhagen. Have fun!