Yukiko Morita’s Freshly Baked Lamps

Exhibited at Tokyo Designers Week, Yukiko Morita’s “Pampshades” give new meaning to burning carbs. These luminous loaves look like they’re are indeed made from flour, salt and yeast. But in true they’re covered in resin and filled with LEDs. Morita worked in a bakery in her native Kyoto eight years ago, subsquently graduating from the Kyoto University of Arts in 2008 and reportedly launching Pampshades as early as 2010 (the name is a portmanteau of ‘pan’ – French for bread, derived from the Latin panem – and lampshade). The first prototype dates back to 2007 and that she relocated to Kobe as of this year. The larger baguettes, batards and boules plug in to a wall socket, while the smaller series – petits boule, coupe, shampignon and croissant – run on batteries. Prices range from $39 to $83.