Crystal-Shaped Monolith E20_House

Crystal-Shaped Monolith  E20_House

Situated on a quiet street in the German village of Pliezhausen, just south of Stuttgart, is the E20_House, a crystal-shaped monolith designed by Steimle Architekten. The minimalist concrete house faces the street with minimal windows to ensure privacy from passersby. The two shorter sides of the house run parallel with dramatic roof lines sloping down to give the geometric house a sculptural feel. Other parts of the house feature large sliding glass doors that frame the surrounding views while allowing light to enter the interior. A flight of stairs leads from the entrance to the main level of the home which feels expansive thanks to the morphing ceiling heights. The interior boasts a minimalist color palette with light oak woods, concrete, and white surfaces throughout. The rooms unfold as the ceiling height changes continually creating visual interest. Also don’t forget to check other minimalist concrete house we’ve been talking about recently – Ultra Modern Triangular VMS Minimalist House.


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