Smart House with Amazing Ability to Transform

Smart House with Amazing Ability to Transform

creative house

This smart house really exists in Warsaw. Its uniqueness lies in its unusual concept – the house is a real castle but only when his owner is away from home. In this case, the house looks like a bunker or secret building with impenetrable fence, with no windows and doors. But as soon as the owner enters the main gate – the house is miraculously transformed. Impenetrable concrete fence is folded, windows are open and eventually smart house turns into a luxury country mansion with an indoor pool. Interior of the house is designed in a minimalist style and looks modern. Transformation of the house so incredible that you have to see these photos by yourself.


creative house

creative house

creative house

creative house

creative house

creative house

creative house

creative house

creative house

creative house

creative house

creative house

creative house

creative house

creative house


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  1. Mamun Ahmmed

    Wow!!! Amazing smart house. All pic is really good looking.

  2. Ron

    this is stunning

  3. Mamun

    Your house of image are so amazing & creative design with real castle! Your idea is so good. Thanks for share with us.

  4. Mosta

    I am not going to live there.:P. But its really a great work.Thanks for sharing.

  5. Humayun

    The idea is great and all are seems very good in design.But for me its crazy to live there..
    Good work… 😀

  6. Manjorul

    A touch of peach got from this post. Awesome natural place and atmosphere gives the house a dreamy shape!

  7. Meer Anis

    A dreamy house with a cool natural atmosphere. Liked it.

  8. Moynul

    Really nice.


  9. Manjorul

    The lovely and cool houses. I really appreciate for your great photography.

  10. Mostafizur

    Awesome!!!Excellent design.Thanks for sharing.

  11. Nitai Roy

    I am speechless, House can be such beautiful I never amazing. Thanks a lot for your collection

  12. Creative Design House BD.

    Really nice job, Amazing house, I love it. Thanks

  13. Clipping Path

    Really nice design, not kidding specially the glass work is awesome.

  14. Dolan

    They are really smart house, great jobs. Thanks for sharing.

  15. Shamim

    amazing piece of work!

  16. Image Masking

    Transparent house looking exciting but i don’t know it seems to me that sometimes it may feel suffocating to live in this

  17. Clipping Path Design

    Wow! unbelievable! I just love the house. Many many thanks for share.

  18. max

    It was designed by ‘KWK Promes’ – Polish company..
    It was build near the Warsaw.

  19. web tasarım

    thank you for sharing

  20. Hibbah

    who is the architect ?

  21. akıllı evler imalatçı

    thank you for sharing

  22. akıllı evler

    thnks you for sharing

  23. Charbel

    Who is the Architect?

  24. yoes73

    Wow.. I like this. May I share this?

  25. Igors

    Who is the author of this house?

  26. Serge Ves

    Great Design concept but rather for Venezuela, Brazil or South Africa 🙂 but Poland ?
    What’s the threat? Germany or Russsia are friends now.
    Or is it a treasur collection?
    And where did the pool not go hiding ?
    Ok no one will steal the water.

  27. Dada

    That is super amazing 0_0 I can’t believe it~

  28. shabnam yasmin

    excellent home.. very transparent

  29. Atlanta personal injury lawyer

    The house is executed and great to see, however I wonder what was the owners motivation for this type of house.

  30. Barbara

    stunning concept between a fortress and an open space. I like the idea but i’m not sure I’d appreciate to live in !

  31. Oliver

    amazing … love this house!