Surreal Self Portraits with Animals Sharing an Eye with Artist


Surreal Self Portraits with Animals Sharing an Eye with Artist

Artist Flora Borsi has an unusual way of depicting her self-portraits. Rather than making them all about her, she shares the spotlight with a variety of animals. It’s part of her ongoing series Animeyed, now in its second iteration known as Animeyed II, in which she shares one of her eyes with an animal. The sleek and stylish images feature Borsi in makeup and costume to match her subjects; they range from a fluffy rabbit to a tiny beetle.

self portraits

For Borsi, some of the creatures in Animeyed II hold special meaning to her because of the connection she feels to them. “My favorite is the black swan, since they’re treated in the animal world how I’ve been treated in the past. Not accepted for being different.” In that particular image, Borsi has used Photoshop and digital retouching to create a dramatic feathery eye, visually bonding herself with the dark swan.

Flora Borsi

self portraits

Animeyed photo series

Animeyed series


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