Animal Haircuts for Braun

photo manipulations

This series of images was created by Bulgarian graphic designer and master photo manipulator Mladen Penev. Cat, bird, squirrel and monkey are captured sporting unusual hairdos such as a mohawk, designs shaved into fur, and even a Fu Manchu mustache. Agency Staudinger + Franke commissioned the work of these “animal haircuts” which were appropriately used for promoting the electrical shaving and grooming appliances produced by German brand, Braun. These animals won’t use laser hair removal for sure…


photo manipulations

photo manipulations

photo manipulations

photo manipulations


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  1. Sanjay Trikha

    Hilarious and cute!

  2. žogi

    Master squirrel :))

  3. Logo Design Contest

    Outstanding and a funniest too. Brilliant advertisement idea, Nice one.