Mutfak Brasserie Print Ads

Mutfak Brasserie Print Ads

creative ads

Today we want to show you some creative ads posters. These posters were created by Ankara based advertising agency SVStudio. Thanks to creative guys from the studio you will know that Mutfak Brasserie is a restaurant in Turkey/Ankara specialized in world cuisine and will surely remember this. Isn’t this a purpose of the advertisement? Bravo, SVStudio!


ads posters

Mutfak Brasserie ads

Mutfak Brasserie ads posters


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  1. Omoscowonder

    This is beautiful! extremely creative, i don’t normally look at ads that much, but this hufe brasserie printer got my full atention. searching youtube for the ful video

  2. Mensa

    What creativity! and to think that it was a sky scraper been slide there. this ads looks great and catchy.

  3. fatemeh