Miniature World of Michael Paul Smith

Miniature World of Michael Paul Smith

Michael Paul Smith photos

These photos are not so ordinary as it might appear at first glance. The fact is that each and every shot is a part of a miniature world called Elgin Park carefully constructed and photographed by Michael Paul Smith. To get this effect it was used an old trick described in many specialized books. You should just put the model in one line with the background. And no photoshop! All buildings are constructed on a scale 1 / 24 by the author. That’s how Michael Paul Smith transforms his love for 20 centuries into real modern art.


Michael Paul Smith photos

Michael Paul Smith photos

Michael Paul Smith photos

Michael Paul Smith photos

Michael Paul Smith photos

Michael Paul Smith photos

Michael Paul Smith photos

Michael Paul Smith photos

Michael Paul Smith photos

Michael Paul Smith photos

Michael Paul Smith photos

Michael Paul Smith photos

Michael Paul Smith photos

Michael Paul Smith photos

Michael Paul Smith photos

Michael Paul Smith photos

Michael Paul Smith photos

Michael Paul Smith photos

Michael Paul Smith photos

Michael Paul Smith photos

Michael Paul Smith photos

Michael Paul Smith photos

Michael Paul Smith photos

Michael Paul Smith photos

Michael Paul Smith photos


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  1. Jim Lee

    Remarkable and astounding creativity! I was born in 1953 with the most loving parents and a wonderful childhood. Out of four siblings, only I was interested in cars (starting at age 5) which caused my Father and I to build a loving and emotional bond. My father was an incredible car enthusiast (he started driving at age 11 in 1926)! These pictures take be back to a world that has sadly gone by ~ Thank you so much for doing this.

  2. Moi

    These models are wonderful. I write Asa freelance for a dolls house and miniatures magazine in the UK, so if you would like your work featured, please let me know. I am always on the lookout for features to write.

  3. Alan Francis

    What an amazing diorama!! I have been modelling for 45 odd years and have NEVER seen anything to equal this!! SUPERB, keep it up. Just a shame there are so few 4 door sedans available today(or ever). Keep up the astounding work. I’m jealous!! Cheers Alan(CJ)

  4. Cimei C Cesar

    Spetacular !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Billy

    Mr. Smith, I have to thank you for your photograph that has helped my Father memory that now in his 90’s his short term is getting bad to worse but your photos brought back memorys back in the days when worked on cars with his brothers here in the Bay Area starting around the 30’s. He can remembers all of the cars make and model and even the horsepower of the motor. Thanks you again for such wonderful photographs.

  6. Edwin J Weeks Jr

    Great presentation, enjoyed it very much. As I drive a 1968 Plymouth Valiant. Wish I knew how to put it in my favorites.

  7. Mark Evans

    Every athlete appreciates that there are few who become Olympians. And every hobbyist appreciates that there are few that become artists.
    However it is the artists like Michael who inspire us to become the best hobbyists we can be…
    And that reflects on a most worthy life.
    Thank you for continuing to create, inspire and make the world a better place Michael.

  8. Jarrad

    Fantastic work. Is this an ongoing project for you. Looks like a lot of love sweat and tears went into this.

  9. John Harvey

    The models are as expected, wonderful, I have mnost of them myself, but the buildings, and the scenes FANTASTIC!!!!

  10. Bob

    So amazing. The Dinner is very much like one my Father owned in Moline, the 50’s. Many of the cars shown I have owned at one time or another and wish I still had.
    Your work and photography is spectacular.

  11. Lew Trent

    It’s fantastic. Can we see it some where?

  12. Lew Trent

    Can we see this in person? It’s fantastic.

  13. Olaf the Orful

    Reminds me of the Archie Comics of the ’50’s and ’60’s! Especially the Ice Cream Parlor, just like Pop’s Choklit Shop! Wish the world was still like that!

  14. Peter

    Yes! Master!

  15. CarrickFan

    Nice!! creative and original. Could add rustiness to some cars, maybe. Just to put some characters.

    Viva RedCafe

  16. Michael Owen

    That’s pretty cool, however i live in colorado springs and if you wanna see something really amazing look at the Michael Garmin gallery (at least i think that’s it, it’s been forever since I’ve toured his workshop.) I don’t know if it’s still around but he made all his own pieces by hand and it’s simply amazing. I think it’s called magic town or something.

  17. HF Kwong

    This is super. It is so real that it just look like real.

  18. Monica

    I can’t tell what is real and what is not … I’ve never seen anything so wonderful in my life!

  19. Hope

    That is really increasable work ! beautiful and beautifully done. Can’t imagine how much time goes in to each one . Congratulations !!

  20. Steve in Wisconsin

    As a scale modeler let me say this is the work of a MASTER. It’s a privilege to see it. Thanks so much for the inspiration. Time to work on stepping up my “game”!

  21. jerry dileva

    can I buy any of the models, please

  22. Toodles

    I think that 59 Chevy is my Dad’s. Just perfect.

  23. Jim

    Great Talent you have, keep up the terrific work.

  24. James

    this is very delightful! great work and thanks for sharing!

  25. NFL Jerseys

    I too as Jeannie suggested, would like to buy the photos. I am in a local car club.

  26. Steve

    These miniatures are incredible and awesome. So realistic, at first I really thought they were full size because I love 40’s & 50’s era cars.
    I build 19th century building 1″ 1/4 high X 3/4″ wide with windows, trip and wooden sidewalks.

  27. Mark

    Beyond exceptional! Thank you for sharing these with all of us. I especialy like the level of detail like leaves in the gutters and tracks in the snow! Super job! I would like to know what modle co. you use for your modles? Keep up the good work.

  28. roland riel

    i also have a collection of cars would you sell your
    collection im from sask canada

  29. David Hardwick Photography

    Thanks you for all these brilliant photographs. They look so real until you can see that they are models.

  30. Carl

    Photo shopped! Especially the one with that big ole head of that old geezer sticking up from God knows where.
    I jest, seriously, awesome job, really brings me back to a better, simpler and more innocent time in our great country, God Bless You…and America!
    Aloha from Hawaii

  31. Renea

    Truely Amazing. How I would love to be really there. Greetings from Louisiana.

  32. Ariyas

    I like the fine details in these miniatures. If you got more shots of the whole setup then please post more.

  33. Bill Smith

    Your interest and talent are unbelieveable. You have pleased many a person with your gifts. What a pleasure it was to view the show and how suprised I was when you appeared in the picture to discover they were all hand made and not photographs. I would love to be able to get a series of pictures that I could use as a backdrop for my HO model railroading.

  34. Sergio L. Mijangos

    Michael, gracias por ese gran trabajo. Yo vivo en Guatemala y pertenezco a un club de aficionados a autos a escala y todos hemos gozado viendo esas bellezas de autos y el trabajo que has realizado.

  35. Richard Le Clerc

    Wonderful! And special thanks for the Hudson Hornet – Hudsons were our family’s world (and bread and butter) in New Hampshire for a long time.

  36. jmleclercq

    Great collection !

  37. Bent Berner

    Absolutely amazing; had I not been told these were models I could easily have accepted them as genuine antique photos. Great job

  38. Boyd Bruner

    Just how did you DO that??I’ve made a few models but …how’d you DO that?

    • j.m. bondurant

      can’t stop looking at this great artist’s work – what a joy to see –

  39. Auguste Rodin

    Art is contemplation: the pleasure of the spirit that pervades the nature and discovers that she also has a soul. It is the most sublime mission of man, it is the exercise of thought that seeks to understand the universe, and make the others understand

  40. YETI

    WHen I saw the photo with him in it, I got kinda scared. . .

  41. Robert L. Edwards

    This is nothing short of amazing. Unbelievable detail and there is even a Studebaker or two in there. My Mile stone 1956 Golden Hawk would be proud to be in with these beauties. THANK YOU for your time and talent. This is a wonderful display of yesterday

  42. maigi

    great night streets!
    where are people? :))
    amazing work!

  43. Name

    Really cool. I love it!!!

  44. Bob Dockendorf

    Very nicely done. Very cool look at nostalgia. I too as Jeannie suggested, would like to buy the photos. I am in a local car club. We own 30’s through 70’s cars and a slideshow would work so well art one of our meetings. Please consider reducing your work to a CD and selling it.

  45. Gustavs Cirulis

    I’m truly amazed. Brilliant work.

  46. jeannie houston

    i LOVE your car work!!!!!!!!! is it possible to purchase some of your photos? or a book of your work?

  47. Johnson Koh

    The lighting looks natural that it is quite hard to tell that they are unreal. Btw, that big head pops out of the woods did surprised me a little 😀

  48. Erik Rodríguez

    It´s an amazing job congratulations!!!

    Greetings from México

  49. Template Customization

    WOW, really amazing works! Thanks a lot.

    • Lex Queen

      That is so cool! I cant imagine how much time went into that. I probably couldnt do that in maybe 2 years!