Silver Art by Sculptor Nicolas Desbons

Silver Art by Sculptor Nicolas Desbons

Modern silver art represents a dynamic fusion of tradition and innovation. Contemporary artists push the boundaries of this ancient medium to create works that resonate with contemporary audiences. Artists embrace many styles and techniques, including sleek minimalist designs and intricate sculptural forms.

One notable direction of modern silver art is its exploration of sustainability and eco-consciousness. More and more artists are using recycled silver and adopting environmentally friendly practices in their work, reflecting a growing awareness of the importance of conservation and stewardship.

The role of modern silver art in contemporary art is multifaceted. On one hand, it serves as a bridge between past and present, honouring centuries-old traditions while embracing the challenges and opportunities of the modern world. On the other hand, it provides a platform for artists to engage with pressing social, cultural, and environmental issues, using silver as a means of expression and commentary.

The silver seeder plate symbolises the religious embodiment of silver art, conjuring a sense of reverence and spiritual importance. As a sacred object filled with meaning and ritual significance, the seeder plate reminds us of silver art’s enduring legacy and its capacity to transcend mere aesthetic beauty, touching upon deeper truths and spiritual realities.

Nicolas Desbons

Nicolas Desbons, born in Paris in 1996, was surrounded by a rich tapestry and culture of artistic inspiration from an early age. With the influences of the rich culture of design, landmarks, and elegance of Desborns’ homeland, the Parisian moved to San Francisco, where he studied Industrial Design at the prestigious California College of Arts and Craft.

Silver Art by Sculptor Nicolas Desbons

Desborn would further develop his artistic and professional expertise, as the metal designer co-founded the Cyclone Warehouse; an underground arts venue serving as a headquarters for a loose collection of artists and hosting bands such as Survival Research Laboratories and 7 Year Bitch.

After training in Industrial Design, Desbons decided to specialise in steel and formed a deeper understanding of locksmithing and ironwork in Montreuil at Fred Vigy. In 1999, the French-born metal designer created Desbons Designs.

After returning to France, where he now lives and works in the countryside just outside of Paris, Desborn opened his own studio to work on a variety of artistic projects, from locksmithing to ironwork and his greatest passion: the sculpture of steel.

Through his use of a combination of traditional methods, Desbons’s artwork and sculptures intend to create new aesthetic appearances that make their audience wonder and enrich the scenery where they stand.

Silver Art by Sculptor Nicolas Desbons

Applying his skill set as a blacksmith, Desborn began to design furniture. He excelled within the industry and moved on to start producing abstract sculptures and silver art. Gallery Des Artists states, “The battle between fire and metal requires great strength to win over the hard, cold surface, yet Nicolas’ sculptures are soft, airy, full of graceful curves that celebrate the beauty of the female body.”

In recent years, Desbons has had his silver work in exhibitions at Rise Art FR, The 2023 Luxembourg Art Fair, and contributed to the impressive 47 sculptures of the Montreux Biennale 2023.

Let’s take a look at 5 best works by Nicolas Desbons


‘Bending’ is a figurative sculpture. It depicts a woman: rectangular cuts of silver pieced together – embracing the joins and the gaps – to form a woman’s body, from her hip up to her chin. The sculpture has a sense of motion, and you can’t quite tell if the woman is being built or collapsing.

Silver Art by Sculptor Nicolas Desbons


Another figurative sculpture, this time with duller, harsher, more industrially toned squares of silver, offering a more dense construction of a woman’s body. We are looking at her from behind. She’s sitting. All there is of her is her hips, waist, back, and a shoulder. It feels as if no matter what we know, we’ll never know enough about her.

Silver Art by Sculptor Nicolas Desbons

Back Lace

‘Black Lace’ continues the figurative interests Desbons has. But, as the name suggests, it’s much more delicate that ‘Bending’ and ‘Tornade’. From her mid-thigh up to the top of her neck, a woman is full – both shoulders! – and proud. Thin strips of silver form warped circles and squares, all gently welded together to create a sensual sculpture.

Silver Art by Sculptor Nicolas Desbons


‘Swing’ takes what ‘Black Lace’ has with the warped circles and squares but makes it stiffer and more robust. This time, we’re looking straight on at a woman’s torso, following the lines of her body and the lines of the silver. Her right shoulder tips down, slightly, as if towards us, as if into dance.

Silver Art by Sculptor Nicolas Desbons

Silver C

‘Silver C’ and ‘Tornade’ are very similar. For ‘Silver C’ – a figure perched, made of rectangles of silver densely forming a torso and seat – there is more openness despite a certain shyness. There is more to give us and less for us to take.

Silver Art by Sculptor Nicolas Desbons

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