Stunning Pencil Drawings from TortilloN

Stunning Pencil Drawings from TortilloN

pencil art

We’ve already shown you some amazing examples of pencil art like Pencil Art by T. S. Abe or Unbelievable Pencil Art by Paul Lung and today want to show you another amazing pencil drawings. These stunning art works were created by 18 years old talanted artist from Ukraine under the nick TortilloN. He creates graphite portraits of people, celebreties, movie characters and he doest it briliant. Check out his drawing and you can see for yourself!


The Tenth Doctor

pencil art


Billie Joe Armstrong

pencil art


The Winchester Brothers

pencil art


Angelina Jolie

pencil art


Bruce Lee

pencil art


Edward Scissorhands

pencil art


Heath Ledger

pencil art


House M.D.

pencil art


Hugh Laurie 2

pencil art


Anthony Hopkins

pencil art


The Joker 4

pencil art


Hugh Laurie

pencil art


Jack Sparrow

pencil art


The Joker

pencil art


Indiana Jones

pencil art


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  1. South Bend graduation gowns

    Meh, basically just pencil copies of photographs. There’s even a lot of cheating by smudging. Real skill is achieving value by lines alone.

  2. jake

    that si really good i wish i can draw like that it is amazing x

  3. Dorothy V. Norris

    OMG! It looks like a still picture. It is remarkable.I did not know that pencil art can be this good.

    Dorothy V. Norris

  4. sagar

    really great skill. God gifted. keep it up

  5. Ameeth Babu

    All the work are just unique, each one is different from other. Keep up you fabulous work.

    I too would like to contribute my drawings, just let me know how can I do it…


  6. jesna@pencil-drawings

    These are really amazing works. True talent and skill. For more such artworks, you may refer stunning pencil-drawings-eexploria.

  7. Ana Gabriela Olivo

    Wow! i love your work..

  8. hermes birkin replica

    Nice pencil work. I love them

  9. Tom Albas

    Outstanding work.I never seen before art pencil work.

  10. David Davis

    the drawings are amazing keep it up.

  11. anonymous

    Wonderful! Keep up the amazing work. The drawings capture your attention and it looks so real. Awesome!!

  12. yaikz

    this is really not that good, it’s okay, but not extraordinary…

  13. Jack

    Meh, basically just pencil copies of photographs. There’s even a lot of cheating by smudging. Real skill is achieving value by lines alone.

    • Human

      Oh,I’d like to see YOUR ‘real’ skill!

  14. ann

    great work

  15. Name

    Very good!! Awesome drawings of some of my favorite celebrities! Wish I could draw as well as that

  16. xcubelabs

    This is some amazing pencil art work.

  17. Nicole

    Eh, good, but not THAT good. I’ve done better.

    • zach

      i will need proof.

    • Calls It Like It Is

      Wow, hater. Don’t be such an ass without posting a link to your work.

  18. Bronson

    Absolutely incredible skill, the level of detail is unbelievable and many of these are almost photo-realistic in their attention to detail and execution.

  19. humor

    really stunning…very close to reality

  20. Artist

    The drawings are good indeed. Thanks for sharing.

  21. mido

    that is very fantastic