Awesome 3D Mandala Designs by Baz Furnell

Awesome 3D Mandala Designs by Baz Furnell

Have you ever met someone who just loves to draw? Well, that’s Baz Furnell, a guy from Norwich, England, who’s been living his life working a regular job but finding something extraordinary in his spare time—drawing. Yeah, he’s just like you and me, with bills to pay and chores to do, but there’s something special about the way he puts pen to paper.

africa art

You see, Baz didn’t start out as an artist. Nope, he left school ages ago and hadn’t picked up a pencil in over 20 years. But then, one day, while he was chilling on vacation, he started doodling. And guess what? He loved it! It was like rediscovering a part of himself he’d forgotten about—a part that brought him so much joy and peace.

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At first, Baz drew animals and nature scenes, stuff he really enjoyed. And yeah, he was proud of his drawings, but there was something missing. It felt like he was trying too hard to make everything look perfect, you know? But then, he discovered mandalas—those cool, symmetrical designs that look like they go on forever. And suddenly, everything clicked.

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There was something about drawing mandalas that made Baz feel alive. It was like each line he drew was a little piece of himself, woven into the paper. And the best part? He didn’t have to worry about making everything look realistic or perfect. He could just let his imagination run wild and create something beautiful.

mandala background

As Baz got better at drawing mandalas, he started adding shading and depth to his designs. Sure, it took more time and effort, but it was worth it. His drawings started to come alive, jumping off the page and into the hearts of everyone who saw them. And let me tell you, people loved them! They couldn’t get enough of Baz’s art, and soon, he had a whole bunch of fans following him on Instagram.

mandala coloring

But you know what’s really cool? Despite all the attention and praise, Baz is still just a regular guy. He’s not some fancy artist living in a big city- he’s just Baz from Norwich, doing what he loves in his spare time. And yeah, he dreams about maybe making a living from his art one day, but for now, he’s just happy to be drawing.

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“I’ve never really been comfortable with calling myself an artist; I’m just someone who likes drawing in my spare time. Making money or even earning a living from being an artist has always seemed like a pipe dream to me. But more recently I tentatively began to believe that just maybe I can turn my hobby into a career. I’ve met some amazing and generous people through social media and now my website is up and running where people can purchase my work. Who knows, there may be life after the public sector 9 to 5 yet!” – tells Buz on his website.

mandala artwork

So, next time you’re feeling stressed or bored, why not pick up a pencil and start doodling? Who knows, maybe you’ll discover a passion you never knew you had, just like Baz did. After all, life’s too short not to do what makes you happy, right?

mandalas art

3d mandala designs

3d mandala

mandala designs

3d mandalas

mandala colorings

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  1. Very good , mind blowing , detailed work . I love how you even have the direction of the light source .

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