30+ Creative and Stylish Rings

30+ Creative and Stylish Rings

ring collection

Ring is one of the most ancient jewelry and one of the way to express yourself. This collection consists of 30+ unusual and stylish rings. You’ll be suprised by imagination of theirs creators.

ring collection

ring collection

ring collection

ring collection

ring collection

This golden ring has a diamond. But only the owner would know about it.

ring collection

ring collection

This ring can be used like small glass.

ring collection

This one will be usefull for those who have a bad memory. It fixates the date you need to remember.

ring collection

Danish artist Alidra Alic represents you unusual flower rings. The tulip ring is made out of silver and plastic.

ring collection

The hyacinth ring is made out of silver, plastic and strawberry quartz.

ring collection

French design extraordinaire Philippe Tournaire’s stunning new Dream House collection features a series of miniature buildings, including famous sights like the Vizcaya Hotel in Florida and the New York skyline.

ring collection

ring collection

ring collection

ring collection

ring collection

ring collection

ring collection

Rings look like car wheels.

ring collection

Ring with a concrete inside.

ring collection

ring collection

ring collection

ring collection

ring collection

ring collection

ring collection

ring collection

ring collection

ring collection

These rings could be used like wedding rings for the couple of musicians.

ring collection

This one was created specifically for programmers

ring collection

ring collection

The strange and unusual world of steam punk. These London Particulars vintage rings are from the private collection of Professor Aubrey Thistlequick

ring collection

ring collection

ring collection

ring collection

ring collection

ring collection

ring collection


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  1. Mariya Anikanova

    OMG your 30 creative and stylish rings are so helpful for me overall I select a right for me. Thanks

  2. Zac

    Where can I find the rings that fit together? Like the one that is 6 pics down from the concrete ring

  3. cad bibliotēka

    Pretty pretty pretty 🙂

  4. cooking games

    Impressive collection of rings..all are very nice,I like them!

  5. cupcake ct

    Ring of silver and plastic.. very unusual!

  6. Žogs

    Those are beautiful!

  7. Amrita Kaur

    amazing and interesting ring design

  8. Joel

    the rings that were said car tires I have the far right. sold as to be a motorcycle tire. really love it. starts conversations, kinda ice breaker.

  9. Karrin

    very cool, Does the brand King Baby make any of those?
    I like the ones towards the top of the page

  10. Sonia

    Awesome, Just Simply Awesome. I Loved that one for computer programmers and Third one on the List <3

  11. fajas colombianas

    These are like steampunk rings but much more amazing.

  12. Kyle Monk

    Any idea as to the manufacturers of any of these?

  13. bugs

    it would suck to get punched in the face by one of these!

  14. Metin2 Pvp

    Amazing ring ideas

  15. Aöf

    WOW!! Nice collection

  16. Yenny

    Can i have any information of where to get these rings?

  17. christina

    Where can you get these rings and at what price ?

  18. Msn Nickleri

    the designs are amazing! Amazing ring ideas!

  19. blah

    half of these pieces of shit dont make any sense

  20. dotSense

    Interesting. first time see like this type cool rings. thanks

  21. ZBCGS

    the designs are amazing! Amazing ring ideas!

  22. ezekiel

    hey, how much does a piece go for? that for a man

  23. Manuela Moreira

    Fantastic! How can i have the cotage information for the rings and the table lamps?

  24. Viitaliy

    All very cool rings indeed, and I must disagree with the people who say they aren’t stylish.

  25. sarah

    those are so beautiful! I wish I had the money to buy them

  26. msn nickleri

    Amazing ring ideas

  27. cat

    the designs are amazing!!!but how I will be informed about them?

  28. Imran

    WOW!! Nice collection

  29. @Thinkstock

    Awesome ring collection! Very creative and unique designs! Thank you for sharing

  30. Mr plumber rochdale

    wow, some lovely gold there, some real nice pieces, must be worth a fortune

  31. multi gemstone rings

    Not the type of rings one sees everyday.Quite interesting, unusual yet creative.

  32. Nicholas Norton

    I prefer the simple one.

  33. jo

    try a website called wildcat, or voodoo rising…not exactly the same but they have some similar ones

  34. sir jorge

    those are really cool, i wish i had some of those to show off

  35. pink gemstone ring

    Very creative ring designs. Love the house rings.

  36. Music

    cool. where did you find theses rings at?

  37. Sophie

    the rings made out of watch movementts were really cool except for the fact that they were really cheap looking as far as movements go.

  38. Jim

    I’ve been in the jewelry business for twenty years and have never seen anything so hideous!

  39. E. Ryan

    Where did you find the third ring? The gold one with the ionic capital (column decoration) on it?

  40. Tash

    Where can I find these?? Id like to get one as my engagement or promise ring with my sig other! I love the nut and bolt one! haha

  41. CSSReX

    Cool Yeah!! My wife is shouting at me for not buying a ring and looking beautiful rings at my screen.
    Nice 🙂

  42. Ben

    the “musician” ones are actually visually represented recordings of each partner saying “I do”.

  43. C E W

    The tire rings are made by Brian Bergeron, a faculty member at RISD. woowoo represent!

  44. Clare Menzel


  45. Omri

    I’m not a fan of rings, but some were really creative. The steampunk ones were amazing.

  46. Joana

    Very cool ideas! I especially love the interlocking rings and those, such as the tire tread rings, which elevate the mundane to art!

  47. nima

    Ammazing,so cool, i like the pairs very much.

  48. Rahul - Web Guru

    Impressive matey… super cool

  49. Creative Ideas

    Amazing ring ideas

  50. Senthil Ramesh

    I cant believe my eyes, They are amazing.

  51. Crystal Walker

    Wow. At least half of these are totally un-wearable. But I guess that’s what “high-fashion” is all about.

    (Not making fun of the post, this is a great collection. I just hate when designers make things like this that they expect people to wear!)

  52. Sophia Gabriel

    Love the creativity and expansive concept for wearable finger art..I love rings and buildings….stones and gears, Fabulous

  53. mark conley

    works of art

  54. Clara Liévano

    I like it!

  55. Eta

    The bottom half portion of the rings is remarkable, the top half seems mostly to be made up of works of arr and are impractical. The combination rings are my favorites.As are the watch mechanisms.

  56. xea

    Great work!!!!!!!!!

    • Feldon

      What color are your toenails painted?

  57. John

    Creativity and imagination at their best!

  58. Reggae Dancehall

    Wow! some of those seem to hurt the finger by just looking at them. lol.

  59. Nathan

    Awesome, simpy awesome. I Loved that one for computer programmers.

  60. jessiev

    i want the column ring! thanks for sharing!

  61. VIvien

    Loving the steampunk ones, and the more simple of the interlocking ones. Awesome, but I’d never wear most of them.

  62. J-laplante

    i want one soo bad! i want to get one for my very close friend -who i wish i was dating-

  63. faisal

    yeah some are looks very creepy even no need to display here and some looks very fine

  64. Joe

    My precious!!!

  65. robb

    some of them looks creepy, but most are beautiful.
    thx for sharing/

  66. Chris Collins


  67. Umesh

    What a creative designs.

  68. Dux!

    Great! is fantastic.

  69. immickielol

    I want one!!! where can i get one of those

  70. Robert

    Wow, very awesome. Thanks for sharing. I love the interlocking ones – romantic

  71. bushra al hassan

    I LOVE this kind of rings 🙂

  72. Ed

    Creative? yes. Stylish? hell no.

  73. Leslie

    As a girl I would love to be proposed to with one of those piece of art rings it’s so unique and fun unlike any of your friends or families rings. Makes u feel special

  74. Bob

    Spectacular! But I’d hate to have to re-size some of them!!!

  75. J Doe

    You know, I have seen “brass knuckles” with more class and taste!

  76. Hali

    Where can you get these?

  77. M.Daniel

    Where can i get the 7th ring from the top…the bullet ring with the diamond inside?

  78. Adelle

    the building ones would be hard to wear. The “diamond inside” is very cool. I also like the ones where they are interlinked or joined in some way

  79. AnbroK

    Nice post! 🙂

  80. Dirk

    That’s just bloody awesome. I want 2/3rds of those 😀

  81. Rahul Jadhav

    wow that is a great collection of rings. Some of them were awesome