Beautiful Architectural Rings from Philippe Tournaire

Beautiful Architectural Rings
from Philippe Tournaire

beautiful ring

Some time ago we’ve shown you ultimate collection of creative and stylish rings. There was a few rings in the form of cities and buildings among them. They were created by jeweller Philippe Tournaire but it’s only a small part of his works. Todays post we want to devote to the rings collection of this talanted jeweller. Among his art works you could find ring dedicated to New York or Moscow, with Italian patio or Chinese pagoda, with gems or only from platinum. There are a lot of variations of rings and price varies within a few thousand euros. So don’t waste your time and take a look at this extremely beautiful collection of rings.



beautiful ring

beautiful ring


New York

beautiful ring

beautiful ring

beautiful ring


City Square

beautiful ring

beautiful ring


Chinese Pagoda

beautiful ring



beautiful ring


Oriental Palace

beautiful ring



beautiful ring


Fortified village

beautiful ring


Venice Ring

beautiful ring



beautiful ring

beautiful ring


Monastery Ring

beautiful ring


Roman Palace

beautiful ring


Florida 1

beautiful ring


Roman Villa

beautiful ring


Chinese Villa

beautiful ring



beautiful ring


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  1. ashley rutkoski

    could i buy the Moscow ring???

  2. kenal

    INNOVATIVE. Wow, I can’t believe it. This is supper creative. Seriously these are the types of creations artists or people create that leaves you shocked. The detail, the time, the thought of it makes it truly original. Nice.

  3. stace

    Can you make one of my house? – custom design willing to pay a premium

  4. MeihuiSong

    that is amazing!
    i am editor from china,if i need these picture,how could i have them?

  5. OakGem

    Stunning works! I love St. Basil’s cathedral!

  6. Forged

    Needs a Favela edition.

  7. Mandy Harvey

    Think they should try Sydney.

  8. shapewear

    these are very original for ring designs. But I doubt that it would be used more of a display than a new trend.

  9. replica rolex

    such amazing detail!

  10. replica watches

    This so nice

  11. Philadelphia Clothes and Diamond and Dining

    Original art on a ring.

  12. Ryan

    wow! such amazing detail!

  13. Bronson

    Amazing work.

    I would hate to get hit in the noggin by someone wearing one of those, it would leave a serious mark for sure.

    • kenal

      That’s a great idea for a weapon. A ring weapon in disguise. Maybe someone should create weapon rings lol. But I agree this is amazing work.