Famous Paintings on Bags from New Collection of Lous Vuitton


The 'Masters' Collection from Lous Vuitton and Jeff Koons

Louis Vuitton launches a new range of handbags and accessories designed by American artist Jeff Koons. The ‘Masters’ Collection remixes the iconic artworks of the Old Masters and presents them in a way that encourages new interpretations. If the Da Vinci is sure an iconic my favorites are the Van Gogh and the Rubens collection. Koons has brought imagery from his long-standing ‘Gazing Ball’ paintings – a series of large scale hand painted reproductions of works by the Old Masters – to a range of Louis Vuitton products. Great artworks from Leonardo Da Vinci’s ‘Mona Lisa’ to Peter Paul Rubens’ ‘Tiger Hunt’ create a canvas on the bags for Koons to adorn the LV monogram, flower shapes, metallic lettering, and a bunny rabbit bag charm.


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