Pangoline Backpack from Cyclus

Pangoline backpack

There is columbian company Cyclus which transforms used trucks tires into stylish accessories such as bags or backpacks. Undoubtedly the brilliant in their collection is backpack Pangoline also created from used rubber. Designers of Cuclus were inspired by one of the most unusual mammals on the planet – Pangolin. And the same name was given to this backpack.

Pangoline backpack

Pangoline backpack


Backpack consist of several segments, which, shifting relative to each other, open access to the inside of it. Backpack closes on magnetic clasps. As were noticed by developers the backpack automatically adjusts to the different physical characteristics and posture of the owner, which makes its use as comfortable as possible.

Pangoline backpack


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  1. FunnyG

    there’s a link in the article. gets you to the site and there’s a “compra on-online” button you can click.. (with your mouse)

  2. Name

    does anyone know where I can buy this?