Beautiful 3D Illustrations for Madagascar

Beautiful 3D Illustrations for Madagascar

3D illustrations

Today we want to show you amazingly beautiful graphic illustrations made by Ukrainian design studio Psyho. These 3D “slices of pie” were designed for tourist company “Madagascar”. Each image shows us beautiful part of our world: part of ocean or Stonehenge… Hope you’ll like these really inspiring artworks. Don’t hesitate to comment.


Piece of exoticism

3D illustrations


Piece of underwater world

3D illustrations


Piece of history

3D illustrations


Piece of sea

3D illustrations


Piece of business

3D illustrations


Piece of winter

3D illustrations


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  1. Seattle DUI Attorney

    Amazing shots. Like the different perspective.

  2. syam

    so nice….but so hard to make it………

  3. Walter Khoza

    Sick, very sick. I am inspired by the concept more than the visuals. Compliments to the chef.

  4. Dwayne

    Keep it up thats all that comes to ming right now

  5. Papa Bear

    wow very are very talented

  6. Joel

    More than beautiful…I find myself getting drawn into the depths of each of these images, wanting and believing I can see even more.

    Only please: Ukrainian is with a “k”, and no “d” in Stonehenge.

  7. Seattle DUI attorney

    Creative illustrations. Thanks for sharing the ideas.

  8. Boris

    wow!! why does it look tasty lols XD

    delicious to the eyes and to my stomach XD

  9. vessolinni

    All of the pieces look nice, but I especially like the exoticism piece.