Bose Unveils the World’s First AR Glasses with a Focus on Sound


Bose Unveils the World's First AR Glasses with a Focus on Sound

The popular audio brand Bose has revealed a pair of augmented reality sunglasses, set to match their new AR platform, the world’s first audio augmented technology of its kind. Bose has worked a lot in these last couple of years on its AR platform, which will also allow others to develop both apps for music, travel and education, as well as wearables, headphones, glasses and helmets. The Bose AR Wearable concept works by interacting with the user and their surrounding, thus allowing them to experience the environment around them in a totally new and cool way.


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The Bose AR sunglasses are able to play music through two narrow and discrete directional speakers and they can be controlled with head movements, voice commands, and taps on the wearable device.

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The GPS tracks the user’s location, the sensors send the motion and location data to an AR-enabled app and relevant, real-time content arrives to the user’s ears for the ultimate experience. The brand has invested $50 million in companies that create apps, services and related technologies for the AR platform. If you’re intersted in creative glasses you can check Aluminum Eyeglasses from EXOvault.

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