Cellphone "Dial" with Rotary Dial

Dial cellphone

Concept of cellphone named Dial with retro elements was created by designer Jung Dae Hoon. At one hand it’s incredibly beautiful fashion accessory, at other – cellular phone with rotary dial – you want to dial a number you need to simply touch it. Numbers are displayed by projection lights. Very clever and aesthetic idea, but it’s just not quite clear how to talk on this phone and how it will be convenient.

Dial cellphone

Dial cellphone

Dial cellphone

Dial cellphone

Dial cellphone


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  2. zoe


  3. NouMoney

    good idea…this is the only phone i think is ok 2 wear with a bluetooth headset.

  4. Aaron Y.

    beautiful concept with great detailing.

  5. nash q.

    The cellphone-bracelet concept is somewhat similar to a japanese movie animation (i forgot the title) i saw couple of years ago.