Eco Printer Concept

Eco Printer Concept

Pencil Printer

If you have scraps of pencils and eraser and a great desire to save paper and thus save the forest, then this concept is for you. Pencil Printer created by designer Hoyoung Lee is not only for printing text, but also for its erasure. The trick in this concept is to use graphite extracted from scraps of ordinary pencils instead of toner. The printer has two “exits”. First one is for printed pages, the other one theoretically is for blank pages. Quite unusual eco concept.


Pencil Printer

Pencil Printer

Pencil Printer


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  1. JGCH

    it is for sell now,
    i want to buy it

  2. tika lkmn

    can i buy it???

  3. AkShatteredGlass

    That is an awesome concept and as soon as they produce them for the average consumer i will purchase one for sure.

  4. megan

    Is this concept or is there really working models and it is being manufactured for sale?

  5. Salvatore_Kiko

    I love this eco way of thinking and I’m excited with the hole idea! To be precise, I’m excited with this site and its exhibitions of weird, but amazing likewise gadgets!