St. Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

st. valentine's day gift ideas

Today is the first day of the most romantic month of the year – February. It’s only 14 days left to St. Valentine’s Day. Lots of couples have already started to think how to make a pleasant surprise to each other. And we truly want to help. The following collection of sweet little things could spice up your romantic mood. It’s not a direct guide what to choose. It’s just some interesting products that might be interesting and could give you some creative ideas on how to spend this day. We didn’t divide this list on St. Valentine’s Day gift ideas for him and for her. All St. Valentine’s Day gift ideas are mixed to force your imagination work hard! Take a look!


If you want to spend this day as good as it’s possible it would be a great way to start it with right mood. Perhaps coffee in bed it’s quite old idea but bring some romantic to ordinary breakfest and you will be rewarded!

I Love You Hearts Toast Imprint Stamp [ buy it here ]

Ordinary toast could be a delicious declaration of your love.

st. valentine's day ideas


I Love You Egg Shaper [ buy it here ]

Don’t be like everybody else – say “I love you” with scrambled eggs.

st. valentine's day gift ideas

st. valentine's day gift ideas


You can even serve the breakfast using heart-shaped kitchenware.

Cups of Love Heart-Shaped Mugs [ buy it here ]

st. valentine's day gift ideas


Heart Shaped Plates [ buy it here ]

st. valentine's day gift


Nambe Love [ buy it here ]

st. valentine's day gift


It’s time for presents. It’s not necessary to spend lots of money on presents. If you give small gift with sense and your love it will be much more appreciated than something extra expensive but bought because “today is holiday and everybody do it”.


Love Will Find a Way Compass [ buy it here ]

This is a wonderful gift that says “Let’s keep our relationship on course…”. The compass carried in the pocket will remind you of a loved one who might be far away.

st. valentine's day ideas


Reasons I Love you Stones [ buy it here ]

Reasons I love you stones are a unique way of expressing love and affection. One side of the stone says “I love you” and the other features a pleasing reason.

st. valentine's day gift ideas


If you decide to give a jewelry as a gift then perhaps it would be more interesting to bring some sense to it.


Sterling Silver Marcasite and Garnet Colored Glass Heart Pendant [ buy it here ]

It’s absolutely predictable on St. Valentine’s Day but we can not pass this gorgeous pendant. The garnet-hued glass heart is held in an ornate sterling silver setting, with vine-like filigree design of the silver backing visible through the glass. Just beautiful!

st. valentine's day gift


Sterling Silver Filigree Key Pendant [ buy it here ]

This romantic skeleton key could serve as a key from your heart.

st. valentine's day gift ideas


Tungsten Carbide Rings with Laser Forever Love Design [ buy it here ]

Modern jewelers offer a huge selection of rings with romantic engravings including “True love can wait”, “I will wait”, “Love Forever” etc. But what to do if you want to have somethin wordless but at the same time romantic. We’ve found this set of rings. Its like you have each other’s heart beat with you always.

st. valentine's day ideas


Inner Message ring [ buy it here ]

Or you can choose the following ring with secret message inside. It has a heart symbol inside leaving a heart shaped impression when removed.

st. valentine's day gift


Olivia Riegel Crystal Heart Box [ buy it here ]

If your girlfriend has a lot of jewelry then this beautiful heart box will come in handy. This stunning silver-tone metal finished heart box is hand-finished with clear Swarovski crystals. Each time then she want to wear earrings and ring, and it means every day, she will remember you.

st. valentine's day gift ideas


Romantic Pillowcases

If you’re in pretty close relationship with your Valentine then you can try to give something intimate, like these funny romantic pillowcases. These pillows will remind your first kiss, will remind you both to say “I love you” each and every night and each and every day.


“Say I Love You” Couple Pillowcases [ buy it here]

st. valentine's day ideas


“Catch My Love” Couple Pillowcases [ buy it here ]

st. valentine's day gift


“A Big Kiss” Couple Pillowcases [ you can buy it here ]

st. valentine's day gift ideas


You can show your love to everyone by using the following cases for your phone.

“My Heart Belongs to You” Snap-on Case Compatible with Apple iPhone [ buy it here ]

st. valentine's day gift ideas


Red / Blue Heart Snap-on Case Compatible with Apple iPhone [ buy it here ]

st. valentine's day gift ideas


Silver Jeweled Metal Heart Pendant Necklace USB Flash Drive [ buy it here ]

Show your care and love with this heart shaped USB flash drive. Flash drive and necklace. All-in-one. And its shape will always remind about your feelings.

st. valentine's day gift

st. valentine's day ideas


And of course don’t forget about chocolate. It’s chocolate time!

Dove Valentine’s Silky Smooth Select Chocolates [ buy it here ]

st. valentine's day ideas


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