Steampunk Memory Keys from back2root

steampunk usb flash

For creating such unusual memory key in steampunk style you would need some wood, a few old pocket watches and a lot of talent and creativity. All featured bellow memory keys were created by artist from United Kingdom under nick back2root. The corps of USB drives were made out of different types of wood: Ebony, Padauk and even such exotic wood as Tiger Myrtle. The creation of each device took up to 12 hours and up to 8 old pocket watches. The beautiful results of such hard work you could see below. Enjoy!


steampunk usb flash

steampunk usb flash

steampunk usb flash

steampunk usb flash

steampunk usb flash

steampunk usb flash

steampunk usb flash


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  1. This is one mean and wicked looking memory drive.

  2. reall wicked looking thumb drive…. will get 1 myself after i start working as adult :) to look professional ?

  3. These are absolutely gorgeous! I’ve seen many cool Steampunk USB sticks but these are simply amazing!

  4. Norman Willis

    Very nice indeed. May we purchase one or two?

  5. Wooden design always look good for gadgets

  6. I always love automatic watches, and here is the next evolution. Love the ideas.

  7. giving a vintage touch to technology is always the way to go! very cool idea!

  8. That is awesome design of memory stick

  9. hitsuji

    Wow *O* It’s so cool 😀

  10. Harry Hysro

    Now if the gears turned while the usb was plugged in, I’d really be impressed….