The Deglon Meeting Knife Set

Deglon Meeting Knife Set

Designed by Mia Schmallenbach, the Deglon Meeting Knife Set won first prize in the 5th European Cutlery Design Awards. This set of sculptural, nested knives is practical, durable and a work of art. The set is made of high quality stainless steel and seemingly appears to be created from a single block of stainless steel. To remove each knife, simply press down near the tip of the blade and lift knife away by the handle. The set includes 4 knifes, a paring knife, a utility knife, a chef knife and a slicer. You can buy it here.


Deglon Meeting Knife Set

Deglon Meeting Knife Set

Deglon Meeting Knife Set

Deglon Meeting Knife Set

Deglon Meeting Knife Set

Deglon Meeting Knife Set

Deglon Meeting Knife Set


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  1. I don’t care about the price – I want these knives

    • hammad

      i want this knife set

  2. the design of this knife is so fantastic, so cute, love to order 2 pieces, thanks!

  3. very neat, my cousins a chef and he always goes on about knives and how expensive they. but for design alone this would probably be worth it.

  4. Fantastic concept and idea to design this knife set! 4 knife in 1 object! that’s brilliant

  5. Carlos Pita

    Fiquei encantado com a faca. Estou no Brasil. Como adquirir?

  6. trx

    How cool are those knives! I wish I had enough money to get those.

  7. Name

    It looks like it would be kinda hard to get the middle knives out as well. Plus, i don’t think it’d be good to store your knives touching like that. I know you’re not supposed to leave them wet or dirty but how many people clean and dry their knives perfectly every time?

    Plus, unlike a knife block it would take up even more space.. seems a little pointless

  8. The Knife

    Enjoy Folks….Price: $858.59

  9. automotive credit card processing

    Wow what a space saver seriously. Great idea though. Looks great as well.

  10. The small knife must be quite hard to hold. Aesthetically they look quite pleasing.

  11. that’s very creative and awesome knife. just amazing

  12. Kaedi


    4 layers deep…

  13. I quite like my 10 fingers

    Somehow, I would expect that using these knives for any serious kitchenwork would manage to land me in the ER pretty switly.

  14. C Tron

    Weak design IMHO. Good design balances aesthetics with functionality. They look pretty, but anyone who has spent any real time in a kitchen would see immediately several serious flaws in the design.

  15. Unbelievably cool design. I wonder how functional the knives are though. I suspect after they have been sharpened a number of times they wont fit together so nicely.