Beautiful "Wave" Desk

beautiful desk

Today we want to show you unusual desk "Wave" designed by Georgia-based designer and craftsman Robert Brou. The design of the Wave includes standard two tower with folders but the rest is amazing. Using new “Slice” technique Rebert created beautiful desk carved as a random wavy pattern in the form of layers. Each of the layers has a three by four inch tall reveal, which eliminates the need to pull the drawer. The final design looks awesome, but probably designer didn’t think what to do with dust…


beautiful desk

beautiful desk

beautiful desk

beautiful desk


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  1. tavoli

    Nice table

  2. Jeremy

    wow, love it.

  3. Ryan

    such a cool design!

  4. spasmody

    A master piece. superb !

  5. Sibirian

    Too true 😀 (about the dust)