Living Stones from Stephanie Marin

living stones

These wonderful pieces of furniture imitating the natural environment were created by designer Stephanie Marin. Her studio is based in France. Philosophy of this upholstered furniture is to be closer to environmental development of the planet. Stephanie created a massive, high-quality, oversized pillows in the shape of the coastal marine pebbles. Such furniture is really an incredibly unusual and warm.


living stones

living stones

living stones

living stones

living stones

living stones


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  1. WGU

    These stone pillows are pretty awesome. I wonder what it feels like to be surrounded by them. Would love to have some in my bedroom.

  2. beauty products

    The design is very refreshing and calming. This reminds me of going to the mountains for meditation. Perfect for Zen design homes and for modern home designs.

  3. Jen Prescott

    How can I purchase these for my store?

  4. Tonya

    How can I purchase these!?

  5. Stacie

    Just add some water and trees and it would look like you’re out in the mountains! Neat design 🙂

  6. Robert Terrance Mullane III

    I think it looks incredibly comfortable and warm. The kids seem to love it! I could see it, even in my old home with white carpet in Berber and the grey stones. It would also be nice on our old oak floor. Our fine old house had its 100 year birthday a few years ago. Heritage Hill, Grand Rapids, MI. 49503 Bring it all right on over; we’ll take the demo stuff for no charge but the shipping costs! Then, we’ll sell much more for you. This heritage area has been quoted as a “mecca” in THIS OLD HOUSE, magazine.