Xkuty Electric Bike Controlled by iPhone

Spanish bike-maker Electric Mobility Company lets riders use their iPhone as the dashboard on the ‘Xkuty’ electric bike. The accompanying mobile app lets people pair their Apple device with the ‘Xkuty one’ bike’, and set parameters such as battery consumption, acceleration, and maximum speed. The phone neatly clips to the centre of the handlebars acting as the speedometer while monitoring the bike’s battery life. Electric mobility company’s ‘Xkuty’ electric bike can reach speeds of 35 km/h in silence, and features hydraulic disc brakes at the front and back.

What If Apple Built A Car?

Today let us show you really stunning car concept. Automotive designer from Italy Alex Imnadze has created Apple inspired Eve concept car, its minimalism and purity look quintessentially Apple and it feels like something straight out of the brand’s heyday. There is no much information about specs except that it’s obviously electric. If Apple will decide to build cars – they have to contact Alex for design for sure and perhaps it could become one of the most expensive car in the world

The Golden Apple by Love Hulten

The Macintosh 128K, originally released as the Apple Macintosh, was the first personal computer released by Apple. The Golden Apple by Love Hulten is a luxurious one-off-a-kind replica and a tribute to the 128k. It’s handmade from American walnut instead of molded from plastics, but the dimensions are kept unaltered. And just as the original, the replica has a handle built into the top of the case for lifting. The Golden Apple has an up-to-date Mac Mini mounted inside, and the floppy drive has been replaced with a DVD reader. The custom made mechanical keyboard uses blue cherry MX tactile switches which are covered by gold plated key caps made from zink. A wireless mouse made from walnut completes the unique setup.

The Apple Lightsaber

If Apple somehow landed a lightsaber contract, this is probably what they’d look like. 3D modeler extraordinaire Martin Hajek went ahead and imagined the iSaber. Designed by Apple in Tatooine, and assembled in Hoth, this fictional energy weapon has been cleverly visualized to include all the telltale design cues of a real Apple product. Hajek went to the extent of creating product copy for the mythical iSaber, which is touted as “an elegant weapon for a more civilized age,” while silver, gold and space gray editions are pictured. No word yet on whether the iSaber is prone to bending in your pocket.

Innovative Apple iCup Concept

Tomislav Zvonari─ç, designer, illustrator and 3D artist from Canada, created an office coffee cup concept design called Apple iCup. An apple-shaped mug which sits on small heating plate, keeping your coffee enough warm as long as you need while you work. This eye-catching coffee mug connects to your computer via a USB cord, feeding your caffeine-addiction and also your brand loyalty. The cups are available in three colors of white, black, red and green. The idea at the moment is still in concept stages. Functional and stylish, the Apple iCup comes with a saucer and a coffee spoon.

Ceramic Apple Sculptures by Bull&Stein

Fruity and fabulous ceramic apple sculptures from Bull & Stein could bring new energy any interior. "Artist and creator Lisa Pappon combines classic shapes and unconventional colors in this juicy collection, which also includes pears, cherries and lemons that look luscious enough to eat. A rainbow of electric pinks, sky blues, spring greens, minimalist white and dramatic black – only a slim slice of the full spectrum – come in glossy or matte velvety finishes as well as shimmering metallics. These oversized sculptures add an element of the surreal to any interior or outdoor environment." Check out the full collection by visiting Bull & Stein.

Realistic Steve Jobs Sculpture by Adam Beane

This time we want to show you amazing miniature sculpture created by great artist Adam Beane. He sent us these images to share with our readers with his latest sculpture. As Adam wrote in his letter: "I recently sculpted Steve Jobs for Esquire. It ran in the “Great Americans” issue. Sadly, Mr. Jobs passed away halfway through the project, which made the sculpting process particularly poignant. I tried hard to capture something of his spirit in this portrait. I hope his family, friends and fans feel I’ve done him justice." Take a look and we do think that you will enjoy this sculpture! If you want to see more sculptures by Adam Beane check Incredibly Realistic Sculptures by Adam Beane.

Concept Car “iMove” – Inspired by Apple

How would look like a car invented and designed by Apple? Italy based auto designer Liviu Tudoran has taken inspiration from the Apple Macintosh products and designed a concept car called iMove for the year 2020. This car will be electric, of course, and will feature the same general design lines like all the latest Macintosh products. Most of the car body is covered with transparent materials, so that even under the roof the driver get a cabriolet feeling. This transparent material is also a solar panel. iMove will be able to seat three passengers and will feature an innovative luggage storage space. The concept will also offer various possibilities for customization, so the owners will be able to change the car’s appliance according to its own preferences.

Apple by The Beatles – Limited Edition

Beatles fans should hurry up. December 7 scheduled for worldwide release of a unique Beatles Stereo USB in the form of an apple. This 16-gigabyte device created by Apple Corps Ltd. and EMI Music contains 14 re-mastered albums of The Beatles, 13 short documentary video about the creation of the studio albums, rare photos of The Beatles and also a lot of interesting things. You can buy it here.

20 Apple-inspired Tutorials for Practice Web Designers

Mac style ( or Apple style ) is a popular trend in web design and characterized by using of semi-circular design elements and smoothed forms, abundance of white background, presence of specific fonts and icons “under glass”. In this post we’ve collected 20 Apple-inspired tutorials. This collection is quite unique because consist of only useful tutorials for practice web designers. You will find tutorials on how to create navigation menu, buttons and icons in Mac style and also a few tutorials about drawing various Apple products. Also we recommend you to check our post 15 Best Free Website Builders that could help you to create your own website in Mac style.